August 29th, 2013

Hornady Production Cutbacks? Viral Video Sets Record Straight.

If you want a good chuckle, watch this video. Hornady, with corporate tongue placed firmly in cheek, has created a light-hearted video response to concerns about production cutbacks/changes. Here you see Steve Hornady (President) and Jason Hornady (Vice President) in a very funny intro, after which Steve delivers a serious message assuring customers that Hornady’s factories are working full tilt, seven days a week. Do watch this very amusing video. We expect it will both raise your spirits and calm your concerns. Well played, Hornady….

After the Daily Bulletin reported that Hornady was temporarily suspending production of many types of bullets and ammunition, the story went viral on the internet, unleashing a flurry of worry on other gun forums. Those complaining the loudest apparently did not actually read our story, which explained that Hornady would continue at full production capacity. Hornady was merely shifting production, for the next few months, to items highest in demand. But some folks panicked, worried that their favorite Hornady bullets or ammo types would be gone for good. In fact, Hornady is shipping more ammo and bullets than ever — just fewer specific product types.

Hornady bullets powder update 2013Hornady Production Changes
–What Still Will Be Produced

Hornady suspended production of some products in order to “focus … efforts on the most popular and highest-demand products and ship more total product.” In the months ahead, Hornady will continue to produce over 270 different projectiles and over 140 types of loaded ammo.

Upon seeing ten-page-long list of suspended products, some folks become overly concerned because they did not realize that Hornady will continue to churn out hundreds of bullet types and ammo types — and, in fact, the most popular products will now be manufactured in greater-than-ever quantities. On its website, Hornady now lists all the high-demand bullets and ammo types that remain in production for the balance of 2013.

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