August 31st, 2013

New NRA Entry-Level Rimfire and Shotgun Three-Gun Program

NRA 3-gun 3gun rimfire three gunNow there is new fun and inexpensive way to get started in Three Gun competition, the fastest-growing action shooting sport. NRA Sports Activities has developed the Three Gun Experience (3GE) program utilizing rimfire (.22LR) pistols and rifles, along with 12ga or 20ga shotguns. Targets, specifically designed for rimfire and shotgun, are placed at relatively close (but safe) distances. Most importantly, the NRA envisions that match organizers will provide firearms and ammunition at matches — so participants don’t have to purchase a brace of firearms just to try out the sport.

NRA 3-gun 3gun rimfire three gun

NRA 3 Gun .22 (3GE -.22) equips attendees with the same firearms and ammunition — creating a level playing field for fun and fast competition. The new 3GE program is intended to help ranges reach new shooters and maximize the number of participants in any given day or weekend event. For questions regarding hosting a 3GE event please contact NRA Sports Recreational Shooting at 1-800-672-3888 or email