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August 21st, 2013

Magpul 30-Round AR Magazines for $10.79 at Brownells

Just a “heads-up” for our AR shooters out there. Check this out. For a limited time, Brownells is selling
Magpul 30-Round Polymer AR mags
for just $10.79 each. That’s right — high-quality Magpul PMAG 30s for under eleven bucks. Hard to beat that deal if you are looking for name-brand 30-rounders for your .223/5.56 AR-platform rifle. Click image below to see product info on the Brownells webstore.

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August 21st, 2013

Hundreds of Shooters Battle at the U.S. F-Class Nationals

The U.S. F-Class Nationals, now underway in Raton, NM, are a big success. This event has drawn huge numbers of talented shooters from across America (and around the world). There are roughly 180 F-TR shooters plus over 170 F-Open Shooters. That’s a record turn-out we’re told. The Nationals got off to an impressive start — the best shooters were center-punching the 1000-yard targets right out of the gate. Chris Ford shot a 150-11X in the first F-0pen match of Day 1, when many other 150s were shot, including a 150-9X by Larry Bartholome. Many 150s were also shot on Day 2 during the first match. On both days, conditions got tougher over the course of the day.

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

In F-Open, after two days of shooting, William Wittman (894-39X) enjoys a two-point lead over Larry Batholome (892-42X). In F-TR class, Lige Harris (885-34X) has been the class of the field so far, posting the top scores on both Day 1 (445-18X) and Day 2 (440-18X). The level of competition is extraordinarily high this year — so high that some past National Champions are well down the pack. Overall, if you look at the complete score sheets linked below, you’ll see that competition has been very tight, with many shooters clustered with near-identical scores.

Download DAY ONE F-Open and F-TR Results | Download DAY TWO F-Open and F-TR Results

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

F-Open Results Day 1 (Top 10)
William WITTMAN 148-7 150-10 150-4 448-21X
Martin LOBERT 149-8 150-6 148-9 447-23X
Gordon OGG 148-9 148-7 150-8 446-24X
Larry BARTHOLOME 150-9 148-6 148-6 446-21X
Speedy GONZALEZ 149-8 149-4 148-8 446-20X
Marce BEEN 148-6 149-3 149-8 446-17X
Bob SEBOLD 149-7 148-3 149-6 446-16X
Kenny ADAMS 150-7 145-7 150-8 445-22X
Mike MCGILL 146-4 150-10 149-8 445 22X
Freddy HALTOM 149-6 148-7 148-5 445-18X
F-Open Results Day 2 (Top 10)
Larry BARTHOLOME 150-10 148-6 148-6 446-22X
William WITTMAN 150-7 147-7 149-4 446-18X
Freddy HALTOM 149-10 149-8 147-4 445-22X
Kenneth PADILLA 150-8 148-8 147-4 445-20X
Steven BLAIR 150-11 147-7 147-3 444-21X
Charles BALLARD 149-11 149-4 146-2 444-17X
Bob SEBOLD 150-9 148-1 146-5 444-15X
Emil KOVAN 150-6 147-4 147-3 444-13X
Jeff TRAYLOR 149-6 148-1 146-3 443-10X
Speedy GONZALEZ 149-8 146-7 147-6 442-21X
Pete PETROS 148-5 147-8 147-8 442-21X
F-TR Results Day 1 (Top 10)
Lige HARRIS 149-5 146-6 150-7 445-18X
John CHILTON 150-7 146-3 146-4 442-14X
James CROFTS 149-6 143-3 149-7 441-16X
Paul KENT 147-4 147-6 147-3 441-13X
Philip KELLEY 146-6 144-5 150-9 440-20X
Derek RODGERS 148-10 143-3 149-6 440-19X
Michael SMITH 148-4 145-3 147-3 440-10X
Ian KLEMM 147-5 146-4 146-2 439-11X
Daniel POHLABEL 148-8 142-7 148-4 438-19X
Radoslaw CZUPRYNA 147-6 141-1 150-9 438-16X
F-TR Result Day 2 (Top 10)
Lige HARRIS 147-7 148-5 145-4 440-16X
Derek RODGERS 147-3 147-4 146-4 440-11X
Gerry WIENS 148-4 145-2 145-6 438-12X
Trudie FAY 146-3 146-4 146-3 438-10X
Ian KLEMM 149-6 145-7 142-5 436-18X
Alan BARNHART 148-9 144-2 144-1 436-12X
William LITZ 148-5 143-4 144-4 435-13X
Laura PERRY 146-5 146-4 143-2 435-11X
Allen TAMPKE 147-4 141-4 146-3 434-11X
Stephen SIRCAUSA 148-7 143-8 142-4 433-19X

F-Class Championship 2013 Raton NM

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August 21st, 2013

New Stiller 2500X Rimfire Action Revealed — Goes on Sale This Fall

Jerry Stiller of Stiller Precision Firearms has revealed the final pre-production versions of his new 2500X rear lock-up rimfire action. Jerry reports: “I have eight of them as prototypes that have been sent to our best smiths to build on and test. As soon as we hear back (in a month or so?), we will start the next run of 100. There will be plenty to go around and should be available this fall for next year’s builds. Cost will be competitive, estimated $1249.00 retail”. Notably, this new action features a convertible 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock firing pin, giving the owner the choice of his preferred configuration. The trigger hanger can also be reversed for a 0.030 change in pin fall.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

Jerry provided these photos of the first 2500X action off the production line. Jerry notes that: “The only difference with the final production version is that the body will be melonited on the inside for super-slick operation and the outside will still be polished for great looks”.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

Stiller 2500X Rimfire Action Features

  • Dual rear locking lugs symmetric about the horizontal centerline.
  • Super tight tolerances on all fitted parts.
  • Firing pin design easily unscrews.
  • 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock firing pin. The other pin acts as a guide to eliminate any off-axis canting that can impair ignition and cause flyers.
  • Cocking piece controlled by a shroud so it is always centered in the trigger and cannot rub.
  • Easy loading ramp design similar to the Anschutz.
  • Entrance cams in the body.
  • Beveled loading port
  • Four #8 screw holes for scope mounts, plus two #6 screwholes (in between) also reamed for .125 pins. That way a long one-piece mount or just front-only will both be accommodated.
  • Threaded bolt handle so that any available knob will work. Stiller offers three knob types.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

State-of-the-Art Machining Technologies Used to Make 2500X Actions
A multi-step process is employed to deliver precision tolerances on every 2500X action. The process begins with a drilled, undersize hole. Then the body is cut and heat-treated/stress-relieved with oversize outside diameter (OD). The Inside diameter hole is wire-EDM finished after heat-treating for optimal sizing and straightness. Next the OD is ground to size and the action face and threads are machined. The action is finally engraved, hand-finished, and melonited on the inside (unless the customer specifies a non-melonited version). Individual parts receive special attention — the extractors are wire-EDM cut, and the bolt lugs are factory-lapped with special devices to load the lugs as they would be when fired.

Stiller 2500X Rimfire smallbore action bolt 22LR

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August 21st, 2013

How to Add Texture to Your Stock Grip and Forearm

If you have a match, hunting, or tactical rifle that needs a little more “stiction” in the grip or fore-arm areas, particularly in wet or humid conditions, consider adding a non-slip coating to the stock. This is easily done with inexpensive materials. R+D Precision has a simple do-it-yourself procedure for adding texture to your stock. Be forewarned — this is basically a permanent addition to your stock, so you might want to practice first. Also the application of the bedding compound will change the color of the stock, so you may want to re-finish the stock.

Marking the Area to Texture with Steel-Bed or Similar Material
Tape off the area you want to put the texture. Spread a very thin coat of the Steel-Bed on the stock, just enough to cover the area. This can be done using Marine-Tex or Steel-Bed. Other products could be used but Steel-Bed is proven, and it’s what R+D prefers for the job.

Best Method for Applying Texture
Here is the secret to adding texture: Using the tongue depressor that is in the kit or something similar, BOUNCE the flat part of the stick on the still-wet bedding to get the textured effect. Once the bedding has dried for about an hour, and still kind of tacky, remove the tape, pulling at a sharp angle to leave a nice sharp edge. If the bedding has a sharp raised area where the tape was, wet your finger and rub along the edge and it will knock off the edge but still give that nice sharp transition.

Click HERE for more photos.

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