August 9th, 2013

Handy Do-It-Yourself Wind Flag Carry Kit from Mike Ezell

Forum member Mike Ezell (aka “gunsandgunsmithing”) has a clever use for a utility box. By fitting some inexpensive rod clasps to the box, he devised a handy rig to haul his wind flags and adjustable poles. Mike tells us: “With this modified utility box, I can tote six flags and six poles all in one hand. I used this set-up at a match last weekend. It worked great, and several shooters liked the idea. I simply carried the case, with poles attached and flags inside, to the target. I then set them up one at a time as I walked back.” That’s a slick system that will save time and energy when you’re setting up for a match or practice session. Nice invention Mike!

Wind Flag, Windflag, Ezell tote carry box, wind probe

Wind Flag, Windflag, Ezell tote carry box, wind probe

Mike Ezell Wind Flags
The wind flag sets inside Mike’s handy box are a design he makes himself. There is a pinwheel style rotor in the front, with a carbon/fiberglass wind vane in the rear. The “tails” are key to the system. Rather than have just a strip of fabric, which can curl and twist easily, Mike fits what amounts to a long, small-diameter wind sock. As the wind blows, this tubular tail fills with air and points back. This lets you clearly discern wind direction.

Wind Flag, Windflag, Ezell tote carry box, wind probe

Ezell Wind Flags and Poles for Sale
Mike is proud of his wind flags and they are becoming popular with other shooters. Mike writes: “They are top-quality flags, made of the very best materials — NOT coroplast. The wind vanes are made almost entirely of carbon fiber and fiberglass, to be as light, sensitive and durable as possible.The pivots are made of Teflon and the colors are high-quality vinyl. I just recently added a green color option per request from other shooters. I back these flags with a 30-day, 100% SATISFACTION guarantee”.

Mike sells the single-vane flags for $60.00 each. At the request of many shooters, Mike also now offers a dual-vane version — call for pricing. You can also purchase the multi-section poles from Mike for $45.00 each. These extend up to 15 feet in height and include step pegs. If you’re interested, call Mike at 270-542-6022, or send email to: mwezell [at]

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