August 26th, 2013

Spy Photos: New 7-42X Leupold VX-6 Scope Revealed at Raton

Leupold 7-42X scopeHere’s a shocker — Leupold has built a 7-42X long range scope. This new scope has a 34mm tube, and target turrets with a zero stop for BOTH windage and elevation. That’s right, there’s a zero stop on the windage turret.

We were shown this new 7-42X Leupold by USA F-TR Team Vice Captain Mike Miller. Mike literally grabbed this editor’s arm and said “You’ve got to see this new Leupold — it’s fantastic.”

First Field Tests Show Great Promise
Mike has compared this new Leupold 7-42X scope on his rifles with high-magnification scopez from Nightforce and March and he told us: “You’re going to love this Leupold. It’s bright, really, really sharp and it has a great field of view”. Mike said that the new Leupold, when compared to a Nightforce at similar magnification, has a wider field of view: “I can see more of the range, more flags, with the Leupold.” Mike also praised the new, unique Windage Zero Stop: “With a stop on the Windage, I can just move back to my baseline and never worry that I’m off a full turn — that’s important for competition.”

How the Windage Control Works
Mike Miller explained that, while Leupold has used the terminology of “windage zero stop”, the feature is more an adjustable windage center. You can still go both ways (left and right) after setting the stop. However you have the ability to adjust the horizontal turret markings so the zero indicator on the windage dial is at true horizontal center — for your gun and barrel. That way you can dial to zero on the windage dial and know that your horizontal POI will be dead center for a no-wind condition. But you do have the ability to adjust both left and right. It is not an end-of-travel “zero stop” as that term is used for elevation turrets.

The new 7-42X is not in production yet. Mike reports: “Leupold has built just six (6) of these new scope and we’ll be testing a couple here at Raton.” We don’t know the exact weight of the new scope — Leupold has not provided detailed specifications. However, we couldn’t help but notice the big 34mm tube. Mike says there is over 50 MOA of elevation available. As for price — your guess is as good as ours. This is still a prototype, so we have no idea what the scope will cost, or when it will hit the market. But we can say that Leupold now has a scope to compete directly with the high-magnification scopes from March and Nightforce. We presume that the new 7-42X Leupold will eventually sell for less than the Nightforce 15-55x52mm Competition scope. Stay tuned for more information.

There’s a new Leupold VX-6 Long-Range Scope to compete with the Nightforce Benchrest and NXS Models. In a surprise unveiling, Leupold send a couple prototype 7-42X scopes to Raton.

Leupold 7-42X scope

leupold 7-42x scope

Leupold 7-42X

leupold 7-42x scope

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