January 2nd, 2014

Radians Offers Earmuffs with Built-In AM/FM Radio

Here’s an interesting product from Radians25 NRR earmuffs that include a built-in AM/FM radio. No, this is not what you want during a shooting match — because you want to be able to hear the match directors’ commands. However, we can see situations where the ability to receive radio programming can be beneficial. These could be handy for long practice sessions when you are spotting for fellow shooters, or these AM/FM muffs could be useful if you are spending the afternoon working with noisy power tools on your property.

Radio am fm earmuffs

The $69.99 (MSRP) Radians AMFMD1C features an LCD display with digital tuning. Eight stations can be stored in memory for both AM and FM bands. An Auxiliary Input Jack and included ‘patch cable’ make it possible to use a smart phone or MP3 player as a audio source. Radians will showcase its new digital radio hearing protector at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Other Earmuffs with Radio and Music Capabilities
If you are interested in audio-capable “enhanced” earmuffs, Howard Leight, Peltor, and Stanley all make similar products. The Howard Leight has digital AM/FM tuning, a comfortable headband, Hi-Viz Color, and a NRR 25 rating. The 3M Peltor offers seek/scan, gel foam inserts, and a NRR 23 rating. The Stanley RST-63005 has a durable, light-weight shell, auto shut-off feature, and a NRR 23 rating.

Radio am fm earmuffs

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