January 16th, 2014

SHOT Show Report: Kelbly’s Tactical Rifles

Kelbly's tactical riflesEvolution is relentless. It seems that tactical rifles are becoming more accurate ever year. Five years ago tactical competitors might have been satisfied with 0.8 MOA rifles. Now the best tactical rigs approach quarter-MOA accuracy. One reason for the increased precision is the application of benchrest build techniques — with ultra-precise barrel-fitting, chambering, and stock bedding.

That’s nothing new to Kelbly’s, which has been building tack-driving competition rifles for decades. The new Arcas series of Tactical rifles comes with a half-MOA guarantee. And in some particularly accurate chamberings, these rifles can shoot well inside that.

Kelbly Tactical Rifles

One reason for the great performance of Kelbly’s tactical rifles are the outstanding components. There are no compromises. Kelbly’s tactical rifles feature Atlas actions, Brux barrels, premium bottom metal and a choice of Kelbly’s carbon-reinforced stock, McMillan A5, or GRS Laminated Stock (from Europe). If you haven’t heard of Brux, you should know these cut-rifled barrels are as good as anything out there. Brux barrels have set records and won many matches in recent years. You can learn more about Kelbly’s tactical rifles in the video below. Ian Kelbly explains all the features, the multiple stock choices, as well as the options (such as a butt-hook on the stock),

Kelbly’s Arcas Line of Tactical Rifles at SHOT Show 2014

Kelbly Tactical Rifles

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