August 20th, 2015

Canadians Win F-Class Team Championship on Home Turf

Team 8-man championship Canada Connaught Ottawa Ontario Championships

Congratulations to Canada’s combined F-TR and F-Open squad for winning the 8-man National Team Match at the 2015 Canadian National F-Class Championships. Held recently at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa, Ontario, this year’s F-Class Championship events were heavily attended by American and British shooters as Connaught will be the site of the 2017 World F-Class Championships.

At this year’s F-Class Championships at Connaught, there was a special eight-shooter International team event. Canada, Great Britain, and the United States each fielded 8-man National teams, with four F-TR shooters and four F-Open shooters. The course of fire consisted of three matches at 700, 800 and 900 meters, respectively.

The day started out with unusually low winds, but as the match progressed, mirage became heavy with tricky winds. When the dust settled, Canada was declared the winner with a score of 1743 with 159 V-Bulls, eleven points ahead of runner-up Great Britain and 13 points in front of third place Team USA. Canada deserves praise for its win, considering the strength of the American and British squads.

Canada’s Winning Team Personnel:

F-TR shooters: Bob Galloway, Dave Harry, Mark Iwanochko, and Paul Kahnert.
F-Open shooters: Jim Farrell, Barry Price, Alex Tkalitch, and Cal Waldner
Captain: Eric Bisson
Head Coaches: Kevin and Will Chou
Line coaches: Jonathan Laître and Richard Dreger

Here are impressive scores from the F-TR Shooters on the Canadian Team:
Team 8-man championship Canada Connaught Ottawa Ontario Championships

Line coach Jonathan Laître says that his fellow Canadian shooters are very proud of this team victory, which bodes well for the 2017 World F-Class Championships: “Team shooting in Canada looks promising for years to come with the dedication of all Team members. As our development Team also looks outstanding, we can’t wait for next season to come.”

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