February 1st, 2018

Get 9mm Pistol and 1000 Rounds Ammo for $430.00

Kahr cw9 9mm pistol cci brass 9x19mm

What if we said you could buy a brand new, quality 9mm handgun, AND 1000 rounds of American-made, brass-cased CCI 9x19mm ammo for under $430? Or get the pistol plus 350 rounds for under $320? Not possible? Yes it is. Here’s the deal:

Kahr CW9 9mm Handgun $249.99 ($237.49 member price)
1000 Rounds CCI 115gr 9mm Ammo, $179.77
Total: $429.76
(Or $319.98 with 350 rounds)
Ruger LC9s concealed carry handgun pistol

Chambering: 9×19 mm (9mm Luger)
Action: DAO, 5.5 lb pull weight
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel length: 3.565″
Frame: Black polymer with 4140 steel inserts
Magazine: 7 round stainless (included)
Slide: 416 stainless steel with matte finish
Overall length: 5.90″
Overall width: 0.90″
Overall height: 4.50″
Overall weight: 15.8 oz.

Or Get the Even More Compact Ruger LC9s for $259.99

If you want a more compact 9mm semi-auto pistol, Sportsman’s Guide also has the Ruger LC9S for $259.99 ($246.99 member price).

Ruger LC9s concealed carry handgun pistol

Both these guns are light, slim, and reliable. The Kahr has a longer, smoother trigger pull. The Ruger is thinner and shorter, and can be purchased with a thumb safety. Bottom line — there are both excellent carry guns. Both pistols are reviewed in this video:

If you prefer a German-made gun, get the Walther Creed for $269.99. We like the grip on the Walther. It has a very short trigger reset. Like the Kahr CW9 and Ruger LC9s, the Creed represents an exceptional value.

With any of these options (Kahr, Ruger, Walther) you can get your gun and 1000 rounds of ammo for less than $450.00. 1000 rounds should last all year, even if you practice every other week.

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