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March 1st, 2019

GREAT Video Showcases PRS Finale in Australia

PRS NRL Vortex Precision Rifle Series Tactical Australia Victoria Aussie

PRS and NRL fans — and really anyone interested in “move and shoot” type competitions — should definitely watch this video. It’s excellent. No hype folks — this Editor has watched dozens of PRS/tactical videos and this is one of the best filmed and edited. You get a real feel for the competition — the challenges, the gun-handling, the hardware, and, of course, the camaraderie.

GREAT VIDEO — WATCH PRS Finale Down Under in Australia:

NOTE: Click Speaker Icon to play audio.

PRS NRL Vortex Precision Rifle Series Tactical Australia Victoria Aussie

This video covers the 2018 Vortex Season Finale in Buchan, Victoria, Australia. This was the culmination of the Australia Precision Rifle Series (AUS PRS). To say it looks like fun is an understatement. We wish we could have participated.

PRS NRL Vortex Precision Rifle Series Tactical Australia Victoria Aussie

More Aussie PRS Matches in 2019 Starting This Month
There are more Aussie Matches in 2019, starting with a Victoria match at the end of this month, on March 29-31, 2019. So far, FIVE matches are locked in for the 2019 season, with another TWO being planned:

March 29th – 31st | SSAA Mildura, VIC

May 10th – 12th | Pracitcal Shooting SA (Monarto, SA)

June 28th – 30th | Eagle Park SSAA, VIC

July 26th – 28th | SSAA Darwin, NT

September 27th – 29th | Biggenden Rifle Club, QLD

NOTE: Two more match dates are pending…

PRS NRL Vortex Precision Rifle Series Tactical Australia Victoria Aussie

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March 1st, 2019

What’s HOT from SHOT — Handgun Video Showcase

SHOT Show 2019 pistol Handgun ccw subcompact 1911 handgun

When covering SHOT Show 2019 our reporters focused primarily on rifles, optics, and reloading equipment, because this website is dedicated to rifle accuracy. However we know many of our readers are interested in pistols and revolvers, and we bet the majority of our Forum members own handguns. This Editor used to compete in IDPA and other pistol disciplines and I still love my semi-autos and wheelguns.

For you pistoleros, here are five videos covering some of the best new handgun options for 2019. The first video in the list covers multiple handguns — four recommended 1911-type pistols. Enjoy.

Top Four 1911 Pistols from SHOT Show 2019

Pistols Round-Up — Top New Handguns 2019

TOP Five Sub-Compact Handguns Under $500

New COLT Revolvers and 1911s

SIG Sauer P320X Compact

HANDGUN SKILLS — Pistol Training Target

nra pistol basic shooting training course

This 12″ Bullseye Pistol Diagnostic Target helps improve handgun marksmanship. The target diagnoses common problems based on shot impact zones. While this target is designed for righties, left-handed shooters can use the target too. Just observe the opposite tips.

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March 1st, 2019

After YouTube Censors Gun Videos — Offers Hosting

GetZone video gun firearms hunting hosting youtube channel Community Guidelines

YouTube Strikes Again — More Censorship, More Channel Freezes without Good Cause
YouTube is a “hostile environment” for firearms and the shooting sports. Last week, YouTube announced that, going forward, all strikes against videos that violate Community Guidelines will now carry the same punishment: a temporary ban from YouTube activity, with the length of time increasing with the strikes.

That’s right — a single “violation”, which might be triggered by an exaggerated or malicious complaint by anti-gunners, can result in a complete channel shut-down for a period.

Previously, YouTube had a “three strikes and you’re out” policy, but each strike had a different penalty. The first strike had resulted in a 90-day live-streaming freeze, while the second would result in a two-week freeze on video uploads, via In addition, YouTube has demonetized many gun-related channels, cutting off advertising revenues.

Responding to the YouTube censorship and often unjustified shut-downs of shooting-centric channels, is now offering a viable option for gun/hunting/reloading video producers. GetZone, a modern outdoor-focused digital platform, “welcomes gun-related YouTube channels that promote legal firearms, demonstration of their use, and lawful sales”. Welcomes Gun and Hunting Video Producers stated: “As attacks on our 2nd Amendment continue, it is more important than ever for the outdoor industry to have a trusted, dedicated video platform like If you’re a banned YouTuber, or you know someone who is, [contact us] to get your videos hosted on While YouTube continues to shut down gun-related content, there is a tremendous amount of quality firearms, training, and hunting information that producers need to distribute and viewers need to see.”

In addition to video content, offers discussion (comment) functionality moderated by users, thus providing the firearms community a reliable place to communicate.

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