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January 15th, 2021

New SEB Mini-X Front Rest — Impressive New Features

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest

Sebastian Lambang of has done it again. He’s taken his very successful SEB Mini front tripod rest, and made it even better, with multiple enhancements. He calls the enhanced front rest the SEB “Mini-X”. This new Mini-X has some very impressive features, including a new, improved top bag and new tilt-adjustable fittings on the legs. The new Mini-X is currently featured on Seb’s Facebook Page

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest

On the end of each legs are angle adjustments, which Seb calls an “ankle”. This allows the foot-pads to remain flat on uneven (non-level) ground. Each foot adjusts separately using a locking lever. You can adjust the angle and height in seconds using the blue locking lever and blue height adjustment wheel. See adjustment process in animated GIF photo below left:

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard restSEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest

New Configurable Side-Plate Design
For the new Mini-X, Seb changed the design of the side plates securing the sandbag: “The plates can be adjusted so the user can rotate the thin outer side plate to place the tension screw on either the lower or higher position. The old one is on the lower position. This screw height placement can make a difference on the side bag’s tension. The higher position would keep the stock in place — not moving up during recoil. In F-Class that is OK. People can use the lower holes for Benchrest Competitions.” Seb says the new-design side plates also have smoother, rounded edges.

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest
Seb tells us the new Mini-X weighs 5.5kg (12.1 pounds) with sandbag empty. That makes it much easier to carry/transport that some heavy front rests.

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest
Here are the new SEB Mini-X and standard Mini side-by-side. In the middle, you can see the new Mini-X side-plate with multiple holes for tension screw.

Standard Mini Rest Improvements

The original SEB Mini rest also has some enhancements for 2021. A new bag is available, and the height adjustment screws are now angled 10 degrees. This allows the adjustment shaft to be more vertical (straight up and down). That should make the height adjustments work more smoothly and adapt better to uneven ground. Here are recent photos from the factory. Note how the sandbag is lower in the center. This is designed to prevent the center “hump” that can form over time in conventional bags. A hump in the middle can prevent the stock from riding evenly, which can, in turn, allow rocking. This new bag should provide a better engagement on the sides of a flat-bottomed competition stock. We also expect improved tracking. F-Class bag is shown. There is also a benchrest bag version.

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest

SEB Coaxial Sebastian Lambang mini standard rest

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January 15th, 2021

Handstop Laser For ARs and Rifles with M-Lok Fore-Ends

Viridian handstop laser AR16 HS1 green

Here is a smart, innovative product for a defensive long gun that might be used at night. Virdian has combined a forearm handstop with a green laser. This product, the Viridian HS1 is unique — no other company currently offers a handstop laser. Viridian states: “The HS1 has a minimal footprint but adds exceptional control and targeting speed to M-Lok equipped rifles.” The handstop provides a convenient grip point in the bridge between thumb and fore-finger. The HS1 can be set so that the laser activates when the shooter’s support hand engages the HS1. Because it employs the popular M-Lok system, one can install the HS1 very quickly and move the HS1 fore and aft along a handguard with ease, to suit the user.

The HS1’s laser adjusts for windage and elevation. MSRP for the Viridian HS1 is $179.00. The HS1 is currently available through retailers, or on Viridian’s website.

Viridian handstop laser AR16 HS1 green

“We were humbled by the initial demand for the HS1″, said Brian Hedeen, Virdidian President/CEO. “Our first run sold out instantly. The HS1’s intuitive design cuts down time-to-target. But it’s not just the addition of a laser — the hand stop adds … control and precision to rifles. And now they’re back in stock.”

Viridian handstop laser AR16 HS1 greenViridian HS1 Features:

M-Lok Mounts

Grip Activation

Daytime-visible Green Laser

Ergonomic Design for Pistols and Rifles

Laser Adjusts for Windage and Elevation

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January 15th, 2021

MicroFit Takedown Pins for AR-Platform Rifles

JP Enterprises MicroFit Pins AR15 takedown pin

Does your Black Rifle have a sloppy upper/lower fit? That can be annoying; what’s more, loose fit can limit accuracy potential. Here’s a clever solution for poor-fitting AR-15 and AR-10 upper and lower receivers. The new JP MicroFit takedown pins can improve even the sloppiest ARs, providing a rock-solid upper/lower receiver fit.

MicroFit pins come in three sizes and two types: standard (“mean”), oversized, and undersized, with types for both front and rear of the receivers. The mean pins match standard takedown pin sizes while the over- and under-sized vary by slightly more than .001″ (+/-) from the standard diameter. NOTE: Although most poor-fitting receivers are loose, some are too tight. Very tight receivers, such as post-Cerakote, can be remedied with the undersized pins.

JP Enterprises MicroFit Pins AR15 takedown pin
Shown is JP Enterprises’ PSC-12™ upper assembly with LRP-07™ lower assembly.

“An AR with a loose upper/lower receiver… will not reach its accuracy potential. That was the goal with our original JP Tension Pin, but MicroFit™ pins provide the same result without tool-assisted takedown. The MicroFit pins require no modification to the receiver. They simply replace your current pins”, stated JP Enterprises founder John Paul.

JP’s MicroFit pins feature a polished black finish with a hard, durable QPQ coating. This provides smooth insertion/removal plus excellent corrosion resistance. All pins feature a two-faceted punch or bullet capturing recess. This allows the user to apply force to the pins safely without risking scratching the receiver. JP’s MicroFit pins are sold as both as individual pins and as replacement sets.

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