March 4th, 2021

New Vortex Edge Indoor/Outdoor Training Facility in Wisconsin

Vortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

Good news for folks in the middle of the country — Vortex, the optics-maker, has built a very impressive new training facility in Wisconsin. This new 55,000 square-foot Vortex EDGE facility boasts indoor and outdoor ranges, with shooting outdoors to 1000 yards. The modern EDGE 100-yard range is one of only a few 100-yard indoor ranges in the country, and the only one in the Midwest. The impressive new Vortex EDGE training center is part of the Vortex campus located in Barneveld, Wisconsin. The EDGE buildings are “just across the parking lot from the Vortex HQ” in Barneveld.

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Vortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

Vortex has just released a video “sneak preview” showing the new EDGE facility, with the multiple indoor ranges, “shoot rooms”, and simulator training center. Check it out below:

VIDEO – Behind the Scenes of Vortex EDGE – First Look!

Vortex posted: “If you can’t travel to our campus, you can still experience Vortex EDGE. We’ll be regularly releasing videos and content, and we’ll be active on social media celebrating all things firearms training.”

Vortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

Vortex Edge Training facility WisconsinVortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

The 100-yard Indoor Range is ideal for load development and accuracy testing. Three-time F-TR National Champion Ian Klemm, who works for Vortex, told us: “If someone asked me to describe my dream job, I’d probably depict some magical place where I could do serious 100-yard indoor load development and rifle tuning whenever I wanted. Well, for the last three years while the Vortex EDGE facility was being completed, that’s exactly what it’s been like and we’re all excited to finally be able to share it with the rest of the Vortex Nation. I’m extremely grateful to work for the kind of company that would want to build this facility in order to share it with our customers. Come visit us and I bet you’ll at least leave with the best ‘no wind zero’ you’ve ever had on your rifle!”

There is a 1000-yard outdoor range, plus multiple indoor facilities including a 100-yard range, 50-yard indoor “tactical” range, 25-yard tactical range, a LEO/Military “Shoot House”, and even a simulator room with VirTra 300® interactive video.

Vortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

Along with the training areas, the EDGE center includes a classroom, cleaning/locker area, and a commercial showroom. Go to to learn more about the facility and class offerings. On that website, you’ll also find EDGE Instructor Bios.

Vortex Edge Training facility Wisconsin

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