January 20th, 2022

SHOT Show 2022 Day 3 — Video Showcase

SHOT Show 2022

SHOT Show is one of the biggest trade shows of the year among ALL industries. This year there are thousands of exhibitors spread out over two exhibit halls the combined size of 14 football fields! Thankfully a number of YouTubers have been working hard, finding interesting new products in the miles of aisles. Today we feature some notable videos from SHOT Show 2022. The first video in our showcase comes from Backfire, a popular gun-centric YouTube Channel with 358K subscribers. This video spotlights numerous new rifles, pistols, shotguns, and optics. Then we feature other videos covering new pistols, ELR shooting, suppressors, and knives.

Notable New Products Revealed Including New-for-2022 Firearms

SHOT Show 2022
Browning’s new X-Bolt Target Max rifles were impressive. The actions are thicker and stiffer and a new DLX (double lever) trigger is fitted which adjusts down to two pounds. See discussion at 1:34 in video.

Backfire, a popular YouTube Channel with 357K subscribers) has done a very comprehensive, 16-minute run-down of many interesting products at SHOT Show including chassis systems, new cartridges, optics, and 17 new-for-2022 rifles. The host also declared “the coolest thing I’ve seen wasn’t a rifle at all — it’s a new cartridge [8.6 Blackout]”. This video covers a LOT of ground, so we’ve provided a time-marked index with the notable highlights. You can use the video slide bar to navigate back and forth:

1. Canik Arms (0:40): TP9 SFX Rival competition pistol.
2. Browning Rifles (1:34): New X-Bolt Target beefed up action with 2-lb trigger; Speedline rifles with new camo finish and suppressor-ready muzzle threads.
3. Kriss (3:36): New DMK 22P AR-type Pistol.
4. Palmetto State Armory (3:46): New 5.7mm pistols with 23rd capacity.
5. Nemo (4:24): Deluxe over-under imported shotguns
6. Backfire Channel (4:58): 8.6 Blackout cartridge discussion — new .338 Caliber with 1:3″ twist. Optimized for short-barreled rifles (Faxon Barrels, Gorilla Ammunition).
7. Taurus (7:38): TX-22 SCR (“Steel Competition Ready”) compensated rimfire pistol and new G3X 9mm.
8. Zeiss Sports Optics (9:48): New LRP S5 First Focal Plane Scopes, 3-18x50mm and 5-26x56mm.
9. Bergara (10:36): Divide Rifle with carbon stock/carbon-wrapped barrel, Also MGLite carbon rifles.
10. Rokman (13:02): Lightweight Packs with carbon fiber “CORE-Flex” construction.
11. Gorilla Ammunition (13:30): New 8.6 Blackout Ammunition for AR10s and bolt-guns.
12. Daniel Defense (13:50): New PRO Chassis for Rem 700 Clone actions.
13. Christensen Arms (14:48): Modern Hunting Rifle with modular stock.
14. KRG stocks (15:34): New KRG C4 metal alloy chassis for PRS/NRL comps.

SHOT Show 2022

New 8.6 Blackout Cartridge with 1:3″-Twist Barrels
SHOT Show 2022The new 8.6 Blackout “is a 6.5 Creedmoor shortened case, blown out for a .338 bullet. For supersonic… between 150 and 160 grains. Out of a 12″ barrel, we’ll be able to get somewhere close to 2400 FPS with that. We’ll have subsonic up to about 360 grains. A Barnes 210-grain bullet [is] about 2,000 feet per second out of a 12″ barrel.”– Q’s Kevin Brittingham It is claimed that there is more energy on target than with a .308 Win, even with a very short barrel

The cartridge inventors are running a very radical 1:3″ twist rate. Yep you read that right — one in three. According to Kevin B: “Fast twist … gives you several things. The first being better accuracy because when the bullet is long and slow, you need to spin it faster. For expanding subsonic bullets, it has more reliable expansion at lower velocities, which is great for hunting with subsonic [ammunition]. This is going to be the first subsonic, sub-MOA cartridge, and that’s due to the fast twist.”

Hi-Power Returns — FN Brings Back the Browning Hi-Power

TFB TV visited the FN Herstal booth to see the reintroduction of the legendary Hi-Power, first manufactured by FN in Europe. While the Hi-Power is a traditional, revered gun, FN has made a few tweaks to the new-for-2022 model to bring it up to date. This release is interesting given that just last month Springfield Armory released its own updated Hi-Power clone, the SA-35, which won the NRA’s American Rifleman Handgun of the Year award. STORY HERE.

springfield SA-35

So which is better — the modernized American-made SA-35, or FN’s version of the classic Hi-Power? Time will tell as the market decides. We like some of the features of the SA-35 but prefer the fit and finish of the FN.

Video of ELR Shooting at Raton in New Mexico

cutting edge bullets elr raton NMThe SHOT Show TV video below has a great sequence from Cutting Edge Bullets with big-bore rifles shooting at extreme long range in Raton, NM and elsewhere. This is a nice intro to ELR shooting. Look carefully and you can see advanced optics, Doppler Radar, and other high-tech gear.

SHOT Show 2022 ELR Raton Cutting Edge Bullets
SHOT Show 2022 ELR Raton Cutting Edge Bullets

NOTE: The ELR sequence in the video below starts at 23:48 mark, but if you click the center arrow start button the video should start at 23:48:

How to Order a Suppressor the Easy Way — E-Filing

SHOT Show 2022

Are you considering getting a suppressor this year? There are important Federal regulations regarding suppressors, because they are considered a Class III device. You may also want to consider having the suppressor owned by a trust. The process of getting a suppressor is covered in this helpful video. It explains Federal rules and how to e-File your application through the Silencer Shop.

New Knives at SHOT Show — Reviews by Knife Center

Despite the name, SHOT Show isn’t all about guns and shooting. There are also many knife vendors displaying their wares at the big trade show. Here are two videos from the Knife Center, showing new knives from Spyderco, and Artisan/CRJB.

Parting SHOT — One More Day to Go

SHOT Show 2022

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