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May 28th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: NRA-ILA Speakers Plus New Products

NRA 2022 annual meetings convention houston texas tx exhibit hall president trump ted cruz video saturday movies

The 2022 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits event is underway right now in Houston, Texas. Inside the George R. Brown Convention Center, some 630+ exhibitors are showing their products and services. Exhibitors include large gun manufacturers such as SIG Sauer and Glock, as well as component suppliers including Berger, Federal, Hornady, and Sierra. In addition to product sellers, there are many booths featuring hunting guides and outfitters.

Along with the exhibitions, major political leaders, including former President Donald Trump, and U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz addressed NRA members at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday May 27th. Here are the speeches delivered by President Trump and Senator Cruz:

SEE Full 2.7-hour Leadership Forum Recording (ALL Speakers) »

NOTE: The speeches begin roughly one hour into the video at 59:30 mark with NRA Executive VP and CEO Wayne LaPierre.

New and Interesting Products at NRA Convention Exhibit Hall

Along with politics, the annual NRA Convention is a major showcase for new shooting and outdoor products. With a vast, 14-acre Exhibit Hall, thousands of firearms and shooting-related products are on display. You’ll find guns from Colt, Glock, Henry, Remington, Ruger, Sako, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and other major manufacturers. All the big optics makers are on hand. In addition, ammo and component suppliers, including Berger, Federal, Hornady, and Sierra, have booths at the NRA’s Exhibit Hall. Here are three videos highlighting many products showcased at the 2022 NRA Convention.

This 45-minute video from Classic Firearms covers a large number of gun manufacturers and optics makers with booths at the NRA Exhibit Hall. Cadex offered interesting new technology that allows easy barrel/caliber changes at the range. Browning showcased some new hunting rifles, and Glock features its new Slim-Line pistols. Video Product Highlights: Aimpoint 4:22; CZ-USA 8:52; POF-USA 15:40; EoTech 17:34 (1-10X Scope and eFlex); Cadex 21:35 (Multi-Caliber Tactical Rifle); Glock 23:35 (Slim-line MOS); Christensen Arms 29:37; CAA 34:41; FN-America 38:57; Browning 42:20; Polymer80 45:08.

This follow-up Part II video (above) from Classic Firearms covers more popular guns, optics, and shooting gear at the NRA Exhibit Hall. Here are the products covered along with their respective “start times” on the hour-long video: Stag Arms 0:00; Springfield Armory 8:08; SAR USA 22:23; Beretta 26:33; Barrett M82A1 32:02; Taurus & Rossi 32:28; Savage 39:22; Barrett (again) 43:54; Heckler & Koch (H&K) 46:35; Black Rambo 50:45; and 51:31 Springfield Armory. With a full hour of product features and interviews, this video should keep viewers entertained.

TFB TV recently released seven videos showcasing new products released at the NRA Show last week. Each video has a detailed product review. New products featured include: Taurus G3 Tactical, Ruger Marlin 1895 Lever Action Rifle, Walter Magnum Pistol (WMP), Colt Cobra Target 22 LR revolver, Anderson AM-10 Gen 2, IWI Massada Slim pistol, and Dead Air Sierra-5 5.56 compact suppressor. The Colt Cobra Target 22 LR and Ruger Marlin 1895 Videos are linked above.

List of Exhibitors at 2022 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Floorplan for Exhibitors at 2022 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Floorplan NRA 2022 annual meetings convention houston texas tx exhibit hall president trump ted cruz video saturday movies
CLICK to access Floorplan webpage with Exhibitor Index.

About the NRA Annual Meetings — What It’s Like to Be There
If you have never attended the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, this video features highlights of recent NRA conventions, which have attracted firearms owners and Second Amendment advocates from around the nation. This video was filmed in previous years.

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May 28th, 2022

Super Shoot 2022 — Last One Ever at Kelbly’s Range in Ohio

Kelbly's Super Shoot 2022 final

An notable era in modern benchrest history is ending. The last Benchrest Super Shoot at the Kelbly’s Range has concluded. Held May 24-27, 2022, this was the “final showdown” of the world’s group-shooting benchrest aces at the Kelbly’s range facility in Ohio. The overall 2022 Super Shoot Champion, with best combined 100 and 200-yard group-size Two Gun Aggregates (Aggs), was Jeff Summers. Gun writer James Mock noted: “The master of the Super Shoot, Jeff Summers, did it again. He fought the tough conditions and came out on top of the 200+ shooters at the final Kelbly-held Super Shoot. [That is] four times that Jeff has finished first. This shows that good guys can do well. Second place went to Ohioan Don Powell.” Summers finished with a 0.2513 Agg. Shown below are the combined 100/200 Two Gun Aggs for the top 21 finishers. SEE Forum Thread.

Kelbly's Super Shoot 2022 final

Over 200 competitors shot at the XLVIII Super Shoot event, considered the “Superbowl of Short-Range Benchrest”. The vast majority of competitors were shooting the 6 PPC cartridge with 6mm bullets under 70 grains. Another Super Shoot-type event may be held in the future in Texas, but this was the last event to be held at the impressive Kelbly’s Range in North Lawrence, Ohio.

Kelbly's Super Shoot 2022 final

This major event, held annually for many years, attracted hundreds of the world’s top short-range benchrest-for-group shooters. Over the years, at the Super Shoot, you would find the world’s best benchrest shooters on the long firing line, including Hall of Fame legends like Tony Boyer, Wayne Campbell, Lester Bruno, Alan Euber and other talented PPC pilots.

Conditions this year were sometimes tough, with brisk winds and rain. Here is a video from Forum member Jay Wallace, captured on Thursday May 26th. You can see the raindrops falling:

Rain Falls at 2022 Super Shoot at Kelbly’s Range in Ohio:

This year’s Super Shoot winner, Jeff Summers, was featured in the Daily Bulletin in 2012, when Jeff won the 40th Annual Super Shoot a decade ago. That article mentioned that Summers used a bag squeezing technique at that time. This shows that while many competitors use expensive joystick rests, bag squeezing (to aim the rifle) can still achieve great results. This shows that one can still be very competitive without having the most sophisticated rest or expensive new toys.

Super Shoot — What It’s All About

The excitement and anticipation leading up to a Super Shoot can be hard to explain to those who haven’t been to one. Every year, some shooters arrive at the Super Shoot a week early to dial in their rifles, learn wind conditions for the range, and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow shooters. As the match draws closer, campers and RVs fill the area behind the range, and shooters stake out turf all over the property with their reloading and cleaning equipment setups.

Many shooters choose to load cartridges in the main barn directly behind the 60-bench firing line, while others decide to work in pop-ups, campers and other outbuildings around the facility. Benchrest shooters tend to load in small batches, and some most load cartridges between each match. Many shooters clean their rifles after each match, while others sometimes go two or three matches between cleanings, depending on the number of rounds they fire.

Another part of high-level benchrest competition that will amaze first-time attendees is the quality and amount of equipment benchrest shooters use. Just in front of the shooting benches and the targets, range flags of all kinds sprout up, from the typical “daisy wheel” flags to very sophisticated velocity indicators that show varying wind intensity. Shooters adjust their flags to align with the particular target in front of a specific bench, just slightly below the path of the bullet but still partially visible in the high-powered scopes.

Kelbly Kelbly's Super Shoot Benchrest IBS Tony Boyer Light Varmint Heavy

The rifles represent a variety of actions, usually custom, with heavy benchrest barrels by various barrel makers. The most popular cartridge used is the 6mm PPC, but occasionally you will run into someone using a Grendel necked to 6mm or 6mmBR-based case. Rifle rests used are typically heavy tripods or plate rests. You see a lot of Sinclair rests, Farley rests, SEB Rests, and a variety of others, including a few homemade rests. Bags are typically Edgewood, Protektor, and now some Lenzis.

Super Shoot — Runners, Pickers and the Pursuit of Perfection
The techniques vary between shooters, and they are interesting to observe. Some shooters “run” their targets and will shoot a quick sighter and then run all 5 shots as fast as they can before conditions change. Others are “pickers” and shoot each shot carefully, going back and forth between the record target and the sighter target to verify wind conditions and bullet drift. These guys will sometimes shoot up to 10 sighters and use the full seven minutes. Both styles of shooting work and many shooters use both techniques depending on the match conditions[.]

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