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March 10th, 2023

Bore-tips Swabs, Chamber Cleaners, and Pull-Through Whips

swab-it bore-tips bore-whips gun cleaning patch rifle barrel pistol foam mop

Wouldn’t it be nice to dispense with patches and jags when cleaning your guns? The folks at Super Brush, LLC, had the same idea, so they invented Bore-tips® swabs. These reusable foam “mops” provide 360° of contact with the bore, reaching both the grooves and the lands. Bore-tips thread onto standard cleaning rods. They are offered in a variety of sizes, from .22 caliber up to 12 Gauge. Rifle Bore-tips come in .22 (5.56mm), .243 (6mm), and .308 (7.62mm) calibers. Pistol Bore-Tips are offered for .22, .30, 9mm, .357, .40, and .45 calibers.

Bore-tips foam bore swab

We first saw Bore-tips products at the Southwest Nationals a couple years ago. We were intrigued. These foam swabs may be useful for some applications, particularly pistols and shotguns which require minimal brushing. For rifles they do a good job of applying solvents because they hold more liquid than a patch. However, you probably won’t want to abandon your jags and patches. Sometimes a tight-fitting patch is still the best tool for the job. Patches are cheap and it’s easier to discard a used patch, rather than fuss with cleaning foam swabs. But for shotguns (and lightly used pistols), these things make sense.

Bore-tips Claimed Benefits:
• Each tip is reusable and can be cleaned with solvents or soap and water.
• Tough and fiber-free, Bore-tips will not shed or leave lint behind as cotton will.
• FAST PATCHLESS CLEANING — solves the shortcomings of the jag and patch.
• Foam fills the lands and grooves of the rifling, not sliding over the top like a patch.
• Quick threading on a standard 8-32 cleaning rod. Shotgun sizes use a 5/16 x 27 rod.
• Can be used with most commercially available solvents and oils.

AR15 Chamber Cleaner:

Pull-Through Bore-Whips for Quick Cleaning Jobs
Along with the screw-on Bore-tips there are handy pull-through Bore-whips for air guns and rifles. These are offered in .177 for air rifles and .223/5.56 for rimfire and centerfire rifles. We have found these Bore-whips very handy as the .177 version (see below) can also be used for .17 HM2 and 17 HMR rifles.

swab-it bore-tips bore-whips gun cleaning patch rifle barrel pistol foam mop

How to Use Bore-tips

Bore-tips foam bore swab
Use a Bore-tip to apply solvent to the barrel. After allowing the solvent time to work, brush the bore to break up any fouling. Next use a clean Bore-tip to push the fouling out the bore. When the now dirty Bore-tip clears the bore, wet it with a little solvent and then squeeze it with an absorbent rag or paper towel, this will blot the dirt off. After blotting the Bore-tip should be clean enough to continue using to remove the fouling until you are finished cleaning. When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your barrel, use a clean Bore-tip to dry the bore.

Click for Full-Screen Images
Bore-tips foam bore swab Bore-tips foam bore swab

How to Clean Bore-tips®
Bore-tips foam bore swab
For faster cleaning, apply mineral spirits to the Bore-tip and squeeze/blot into an absorbent rag or paper towel. When the Bore-tip is clean, let dry and reuse. Using soap and water, squeeze to blot out any excess solvent or dirt. Next, wash the Bore-tip with a grease-cutting soap and warm water. Once clean, rinse then let dry completely. See cleaning video below:

Bore-Tips Foam Swab Cleaning Demonstration

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March 10th, 2023

Free Targets for Springtime Shooting Fun

shooting paper printable fly flies target

With April just two days away, we are well into the “swing of spring”. Here are six “fun and games” targets that can provide some fun springtime shooting opportunities, both indoors and outdoors. While each requires good conventional marksmanship skills — hitting a small aiming point — there are other strategies involved, such as playing darts or hitting the right combination of poker cards. Most of us started shooting as kids, just plinking for fun. Here’s an opportunity to be like a kid again — to spend a day at the range just having fun with friends and family members.

Dartboard Target with Colored Rings

shooting paper printable dartboard shooting target

This printable Dartboard Shooting Target has the numbers inside the outer dartboard ring to allow a larger target. With this target you can shoot for the center bull, or actually play pub-style dart games, aiming for numbers and particular rings. If you don’t know how to play traditional dart games, visit for complete darts rules. One popular game is “Around The World”. The object is to hit the numbered zones, starting with number 1. Then you try for 2, 3, and so on. After hitting all the numbers 1 through 20, then hit the bullseye to win. CLICK HERE for Other Dart Board Color combinations.

Atomic Target — Aim for Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons

atomic neutron electronic fun shooting target PDF

The Atomic Target was originally created as a contest for our readers. The design is by Michael Forester of Auckland, New Zealand. First aim for the bigger green and red neutrons and protons, then try your luck with the smaller, more challenging blue electrons. You can also use the four black and yellow Atomic warning symbols as bullseye targets.

Poker Target — Get the Best Hand

Dots Target

Poker players will enjoy this target. With this playing card-themed poker cards target, each shooter takes five shots and the one with the highest hand wins. You can also shoot for four-of-a-kind, against the clock, fastest four (without a mistake) wins.

Slot Machine Jackpot Target

Slot machine jackpot free shooting target

Enjoy a little Las Vegas-style fun on your next trip to the range. This cool Slot Machine Target has four sets of slot machine patterns each with three rows of three symbols. Connect three in a row to win — and hit the Jackpot! This is one of many colorful, free targets available from

Flies in Circles Target

shooting paper printable fly flies target

Now you can boast to your buddies that you hit a fly on your target — 16 times. On this target, 16 flies with bright red eyes are arranged in a inside circles, 16 to a page. There are various ways to use the fly targets. Some shoot to hit the head only — so aim for those red eyes. There are 11 other variations of this Fly Target available on the Targets.WS website.

Tic-Tac-Toe Fun Game Target

shooting paper printable fly flies target

This Tic-Tac-Toe Shooting Game Target lets you challenge your shooting buddies at the range. One player can shoot the red triangles, while the other shoots the white zones, taking turns. You proceed just like a regular Tic-Tac-Toe game, alternating shots, with the goal of getting three of the same color in a row. This is a fun game for a parent and a young family member. You’ll find other fun targets on

Special BONUS — Load Development Target

FREE Accuracy Precision Rifle Shooting Target
Right-Click target image to download printable PDF.

Our Load Development Target has been used by tens of thousands of shooters. It has proven very popular, since all your load data fits neatly in the boxes under each target. In fact this target is being employed by both rifle-makers (Bergara) and barrel-makers (including Criterion) to test their products. The target was designed for aiming efficiency. The red diamonds have 1/2″ sides and you can align your cross-hairs on the horizontal and vertical lines. It is a clean design that is easy to see even at 200 yards with a 20X scope. NOTE: When we test, we usually crank in a little elevation, setting the point-of-impact higher, so our shots fall in the gray circles. That way you leave the red diamonds intact for precise aiming.

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March 10th, 2023

Find Best Deals on .22 LR Rimfire Ammo with

ammoseek ammunition supplies

With the huge popularity of NRL22 and PRS rimfire matches, along with the growth of rimfire benchrest events and local rimfire fun matches, we’ve seen heightened demand for all types of .22 LR ammunition. Plus the high cost of centerfire bullets and limited availability of powders and primers has pushed many centerfire shooters into the rimfire ranks. But even with increased demand, we’ve seen ample supplies of rimfire ammo arriving at retailers, with some good deals on SK, Norma, CCI, and Aquila. Check our Deals of the Week every Monday. And definitely visit, a site that tracks dozens of vendors. With a click of a button, Ammoseek reveals the best current deals on all types of .22 LR rimfire ammunition, from bulk-pack plinking fodder to high-end Lapua, ELEY, RWS, SK, and Norma.

Find Rimfire Ammunition Fast with is great search service that can help you locate hard-to-find ammunition and reloading components — while saving money in the process. monitors scores of online vendors — checking current pricing and available inventory, for pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition. Looking for .22 LR ammo for your rimfire trainer or NRL22 rifle? Just select “.22LR” from AmmoSeek’s “Quick Seek” menu. NOTE: In mobile view type “22LR” in the “Search Ammo by Caliber” field top center.

And here are the 3/10/2023 search results for .22 LR ammunition. Here are five of the 1000+ entries, starting with the least expensive, just 4.7 cents ($0.047) per round:

ammoseek ammunition supplies

How to Search by Ammo Manufacturer and Bullet Weight
You can also search for a particular .22 LR ammunition manufacturer, and/or search by bullet weight. Just click on the “Modify Search Link”. Once you see the “Modify Search” column on the left, scroll down and you can sort by manufacturer, bullet weight in grains, price (cost per round), and/or shipping cost. Here are the first results of a search for SK .22 LR rimfire ammunition:

ammoseek ammunition supplies

Midsouth Shooters has a large selection of Rimfire Ammunition in stock, including SK Ammo:
ammoseek ammunition supplies

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