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March 13th, 2023

Berger Bullets Sale at Precision Reloading — Save up to 20%

Berger bullets 2023 bullet discount sale Precision Reloading VLD hybrid jacketed match

Berger bullets are in high demand. It’s pretty rare to find a large inventory of Berger bullets, and even more rare to find popular Berger bullets at a significant discount. But count your blessings — right now at Precision Reloading, a wide selection of Berger bullets are on sale, with savings up to 20%. There are currently 58 Berger bullet offerings ON Sale now. Check out some of the samples below. CLICK HERE to view ALL the Berger bullets on sale. The available calibers include: .224, .243 (6mm), .257, .264 (6.5mm), .270, .284 (7mm), .308, .338, and .375.

But don’t delay — you need to act quickly. This Berger Bullets Sale concludes at 11:59 PM central time on Thursday, March 16, 2023. So you’ve got three and a half more days to grab the deals. Here are some of the most notable Berger bullet offerings, but there are dozens more deals!

Berger bullets 2023 bullet discount sale Precision Reloading VLD hybrid jacketed match
NOTE: This is a PARTIAL LIST! 49 Other bullet offerings (50, 500, and 1000 ct) are on sale.

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March 13th, 2023

BargainFinder 390: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Brownells — Tax Time Riflescope Sale

tax scope sale
Major savings on wide selection of big brand optics

For the next few weeks, Brownells is running its annual Tax Time Sale. You’ll see substantial savings on a wide range of products, including dozens of riflescopes. With 25 brands and countless options there’s bound to be something that fits your needs. Here are six recommended scopes on sale:

Leupold MK5 HD 7-35x56mm
Trijicon Ten Mile 4.5-30x56mm
U.S. Optics TS20X 2.5-20x55mm
Vortex Diamondback TAC 4-16×44 FFP
SIG Sauer 3-12x44mm + 1500 LRF
Vortex Razor HD GenII-ED, 1-6x24mm MRAD

2. Palmetto SA — AR Upper and Lower with Vortex Optic, $809.98

ar platform upper lower sale
Great deal for AR upper WITH Scope and complete lower

Are you looking to build an AR-platform rifle but want better performance than a .223 Rem? If so, check out these AR bundle packages at PSA. For just $809.98 you get a complete upper, Vortex optic, and a complete lower (with adjustable buttstock). This AR bundle includes the PSA lower, .224 Valkyrie-chambered 20″ 1:6.5″-twist barrel, complete upper with M-Lok handguard, PLUS a Vortex Eagle 1-8x24mm scope with cantilever mount. You can also grab the 6.5 Grendel upper with Vortex 4-12x44mm riflescope (and mount) for only $539.99.

3. Creedmoor Sports — Radians Hearing Protection Sale

radian hearing protection sale
Quality muffs and electronic in-ear hearing protection

Radians makes fantastic eye and ear protection with some of the highest rating available. Check out the Radians sale at Creedmoor Sports where you can find everything from safety glasses to custom molded earplug kits all at incredible prices.

4. Graf’s — Leupold 15-45x65mm and 20-60x85mm Spotting Scopes, $599.99 and $799.99

leupold graf's hd pro guide spotter spotting scope sale
Save 20-25% on excellent Leupold HD Spotting Scopes

Save big right now on excellent Leupold HD spotting scopes. Get the 20-60x85mm SX4 HD PRO angled model for $799.99, a 20% savings. Or get the smaller 15-45x65mm SX4 HD PRO angled spotter for $599.99 a 25% savings. These are great deals on very high quality optics. NOTE: Graf’s also has the straight body version of these two spotting scopes for the same prices: $799.99 for the 20-45x65mm straight model and $599.99 for the 15-45x65mm straight mail.

5. Natchez — CCI and Federal Primers in Stock — Rifle and Pistol

primer sale
Large quantities of hard-to-find primers in stock

Primers are difficult to source these days. And some sellers are asking crazy prices — up to $300 per thousand. If you need primers, Natchez currently has a large supply of CCI and Federal rifle and pistol primers IN STOCK at better-than-average prices. This Natchez primer sale includes a large variety of pistol and rifle primers, including high-demand CCI 450 ($92.99/1000) and CCI 400 ($89.88/1000) rifle primers. Grab these before Natchez sells out.

6. Locked & Loaded — Fiocchi 9mm Ammo, 1000 rds, $229.99

fiocci 9mm ammo sale
Excellent 9mm Luger ammo at just $0.23 per round

The 9mm Luger (9x19mm) is the most popular centerfire pistol cartridge. And now there are some great new 9mm carbines like the cool, folding S&W M&P PRC. So it’s wise to keep good supply of 9mm ammo on hand. Here’s a great deal on quality, major-manufacturer 9mm FMJ pistol ammunition. Get 1000 rounds of Fiocci 9mm ammo for just $229.99. That works out to just $11.50 per 50 count box, or $0.23 per round — a great deal.

7. MidwayUSA — RCBS Brass Boss Case Prep Center, $139.99

rcbs case prep sale
Handy, multi-purpose case prep center now 20% off

Case prep is a time-consuming aspect of reloading. Save time with the RCBS Brass Boss Case Prep Center. This device allows you to do multiple operations efficiently. Six variable, high-speed rotating stations (four at <350 RPM; two at <550 RPM) offer everything from primer cleaning to chamfering necks. Right now this prep center is on sale at MidwayUSA for $139.99, a $50 discount.

8. Amazon — Frankford Arsenal Brass Dryer, $54.49

brass dryer sale
Very effective case cleaner — use after wet tumbling

Wet tumbling gets brass completely clean (inside and out) but it takes time to dry those cases. You can speed up the drying process with the Frankford Arsenal Brass Dryer. Vented trays provide the best airflow and the heavy-duty 500-watt heating unit can dry brass in under an hour. Not only is it quiet but the top mounted fan and a temperature adjustment of up to 160 degrees allows for quick drying of up to 1,000 pieces of brass or utilize the 5 removable trays to dry multiple calibers at once

9. Amazon — RCBC Hand Primer Tool, $59.99

rcbs hand primer sale
Handy tool primes all common rifle cases

Do you want to prime your brass without the hassle of something being mounted to a bench? Check out the RCBS Hand Primer and seat primers anywhere you want. The universal shell holder will accept cases from .32 ACP to .45-70 Government and the patented safety gate isolates the primer seating operation from the primer supply virtually eliminating the possibility of tray detonation.

10. Amazon — Walker’s Rechargeable Electronic Muffs, $49.40

walker ear muff sale
Save 38% on good rechargeable NRR 23 muffs

How many times have you grabbed your electronic earmuffs only to find the batteries are dead. To avoid the hassles (and cost) of battery replacement, consider Walker’s Rechargeable Razor Ear Muffs. These rechargeable muffs have an estimated 80 hours of run time. That’s enough to get through several DAYS at the range. Then you can recharge the muffs conveniently at home or in your vehicle. To hear range commands clearly, the muffs have HD speakers. Plus there’s a handy audio jack. These muffs are comfortable and boast a 23 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

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March 13th, 2023

TRC39 — Innovative New Gun Transport and Storage Crate

MTM case-gard trc39 tactical rifle case carry box transport box

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have one large carry case that could hold your rifle, PLUS your ammunition, earmuffs, paper targets, rear bag, bipod, Magnetospeed, spotting scope, and all the other gear you might want to bring to the range? Well MTM Case-Gard has finally created such a do-it-all case, one of the first of its kind ever offered.

MTM’s new TRC39 Tactical Rifle Crate is an all-in-one solution for hunting and shooting gear transport and storage. The TRC39 has a foam-padded 39″ x 11.7″ x 3.1″ gun compartment on the top, and a storage compartment below. Up top, firearms are protected and held in place with MTM’s egg shell foam padding. Beneath the lift-out gun tray is a large compartment equipped with removable partitions. Total storage capacity of the 39″ x 11″ x 7.1″ (deep) lower compartment is 54 quarts. That’s plenty of room for gear and ammo in that lower storage area. And the TRC39 is rated to haul up to 75 pounds of guns and gear.

For security, the TRC39 has four snap latches, padlock tabs, and a water-resistant O-ring seal. To ease transport the TRC39 has two recessed wheels. And there are formed polymer handles on either end of the case. MTM Case-Gard’s TRC39 MSRP is $139.99, but we expect the TRC39 to sell for about $129.00.

We can see this TRC39 case being very popular with tactical shooters and varminters who can carry a rifle, pistol, binoculars, spotting scope, ammunition, and rear bag, all in one large case. We just wish a longer version was also available — the max rifle length that can be stored would be 39″, unless the barreled action is separated from the stock.

MTM case-gard trc39 tactical rifle case carry box transport box

TRC39 Tactical Rifle Crate Features:

Gun compartment holds tactical and short rifles up to 39″ long
Lift-out upper rifle tray, protected with quality foam padding
Two removable dividers in 39″ x 11″ x 7.1″ lower compartment
A full 54 quarts of storage capacity in lower compartment
Two recessed wheels can support up to 75 lbs. of gear
Stackable design with tie-down and strap-over points
Four rugged, no-break snap latches with padlock tabs
No-rust, high-impact, polypropylene construction
Water-resistant O-ring seal (non-submersible)
External Size: 43.5″ x 14.7″ x 11.5″ (Tall)
Engineered and manufactured in America

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March 13th, 2023

Best $17 You May Ever Spend — First Aid Kit is Handy, Portable

summer hunting first aid kit pack Amazon

March 20th, just one week away, is the Spring Equinox, the official first day of spring. So the outdoor season will be underway soon. Do you have a good first-aid kit in your vehicle to deal with possible injuries to family members of all ages? For just $17.00 on Amazon you can get an excellent kit from Be Smart/TRI, the #1 maker of First Aid Kits in the USA. Don’t delay, we expect this sale price to go up soon.

TRI’s Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit has 201 items inside a sturdy case with shoulder strap and carry handle. There is also a handy, detachable mini pouch with key essentials for first aid on-the-go. You can easily bring the mini-pouch along on a bike ride or hike.

summer hunting first aid kit pack Amazon

This multi-purpose First Aid Kit includes:

• 50 – Bandages 3/4 x 3
• 30 – Bandages 3/8 x 1 1/2
• 6 – Bandages Closure
• 3 – Knuckle Bandages
• 1 – Tapes – .5 x 2.5yd Waterproof
• 10 – Cotton Tips – 2.75″”/10 Pack
• 4 – Finger Splints
• 1 – First Aid Guide
• 4 – Gauze Pad – 2 x 2 / 4 ply
• 4 – Gauze Pad – 4 x 4 / 4 ply
• 1 – Gauze Pad – 5 x 9
• 2 – Nitrile Gloves
• 1 – Instant Cold Pack – 5 x 6
• 1 – Metal Pointed Scissors 4.5″
• 1 – Metal Tweezers 3″” Slanted Edge
• 4 – Splinter Remover
• 2 – Antibiotic Ointment / .9 gram
• 24 – Alcohol Wipes
• 3 – Sting Relief Wipes
• 21 – Antiseptic Towelletes
• 1 – Lip Ointment .9 grams
• 1 – Brightsticks / 12 hr green
• 1 – Emergency plastic whistle 2″” w/ Lanyard
• 1 – Water Pouch
• 8 – Antacid
• 8 – Aspirin
• 8 – Non-Aspirin

Tips for Staying Healthy Outdoors

To help ensure that outdoor adventures remain safe and trouble-free, the CTD Shooters’ Log has a helpful Essential Summer Survival Guide. This is worth reading before you venture away from civilization.

Here are some highlights of the article with links for MORE INFO:

first aid kitFirst Aid Kits for Campers
You should never venture outside without a first aid kit close at hand. While exploring the outdoors, all types of accidents can occur—from cuts, scrapes, and burns to broken limbs and severe allergic reactions.

Basic Survival Skills
Basic survival skills are a necessity if you plan to spend any amount of time outdoors. These five tips, plus a how-to on what to pack in a lightweight, basic survival kit will help if you are ever stuck, lost, stranded or injured in the field.

How to Treat Burns
Fireworks, barbeques and campfires — in the summer we are frequently around fire, which increases our chance of getting burned. A first-degree burn is most likely home treatable, while a third degree burn requires immediate medical attention. Learn how to spot the differences between minor and severe burns.

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