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March 4th, 2023

Saturday Movies: Inside Look at Modern Ammunition Factories

Lapua norma sellier bellot ammunition ammo factory germany finland sweden usa

While many readers load their own competition centerfire rifle ammunition, we all still need factory ammo for our rimfire rifles in .17 and .22 calibers. And most of the 60+ million American handgun owners rely on factory-made ammunition for their pistols and revolvers.

Today’s video collection showcases state-of-the-art ammunition factories in Europe and the United States. You can see the extremely accurate Lapua .22 LR ammo being produced, as well as excellent centerfire ammunition being made by Norma, Remington, Sellier & Bellot and other makers.

From the creation of lead bullet cores to the final packing of ammunition, you can see it all in these videos. Watch primers being made, brass being annealed, bullets being jacketed, tips being inserted, and every phase of production. Weighing and testing procedures are also revealed.

Modern Ammo Production in Multiple Facilities

This 11.5-minute video shows highly automated bullet and ammunition production in multiple facilities in Europe and the USA. You can see bullets produced from start to finish beginning with lead smelting. Then watch pistol and rifle cartridges being made on modern, computer-controlled assembly lines. Watch from start to finish. Here are some notable highlights:

00:10 — Lead Melting Pots and Billet Caster
01:20 — Lead made into strings and then formed into bullets
01:50 — Brass alloy sheets fed into machine and then punched (2:10-2:35).
03:35 — Lead pistol cores being produced
04:15 — Pistol ammo being packaged
06:15 — Ammo loaded into belts
07:15 — Completed primers being shuttled then loaded into brass (Second factory)
07:20 — Bullets being seating into rifle ammunition
07:32 — Cartridge case-neck treatment
07:42 — Robot arm loads finishes cartridges into boxes
08:04 — Cups being pressed (Third Factory S&B)
08:45 — Cartridge case draw
09:06 — Priming pistol cases
09:20 — Bullet production and weight control (10:02)
10:08 — Cartridge assembly and cartridge sealing (10:38)
11:00 — Pistol ammo packaging

Lapua Rimfire Ammunition Production in Germany

This video shows Lapua rimfire ammo production in Schönebeck, Germany. The video shows quantities of the excellent X-ACT .22 LR ammunition being produced and packaged. Starting at the one-minute mark, you can see the ammo being inspected with advanced scanning machines. Then at 1:16 time-mark you can see the ammo accuracy-tested in a tunnel, with results displayed on a computer screen (1:27).

Norma Ammunition Production in Sweden

In this video, the RecoilTV team lead by EIC Iain Harrison ventures to Sweden to visit the Norma ammunition production plant in Huvudentré, Sweden. Demand for Norma ammo has risen dramatically. A Norma marketing manager notes that production has doubled in the last three years.

This second Norma ammunition video shows close-ups of the production process and the machinery used for centerfire ammo. This was filmed at the Norma factory in Åmotfors, Sweden, which has operated continuously for over 120 years. Among the many interesting highlight is a sequence showing how polymer bullet tips are inserted. See 6:50 time-mark.

Lapua norma sellier bellot ammunition ammo factory germany finland sweden usa

Sellier & Bellot Ammunition Factory in Czech Republic

In this video, Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical tours a Sellier & Bellot ammunition plant in the Czech Republic. This video shows details of primer production as well as bullet-making, brass-making, and production-line cartridge manufacturing.

Remington Ammunition Plant Re-Opened by Vista Outdoors

This video shows ammo production at the re-opened Remington ammunition plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. “This is one of the largest ammunition manufacturing plants in the world” said Mark Keefe, NRA Publications editorial director. “It was set up in 1969 by DuPont, who owned Remington at the time. They do it all here. Cases, bullets, centerfire rifle, centerfire pistol, rimfire and shotshell.” It’s great to see this plant back in production after Remington Ammunition filed for bankruptcy in 2020 and the assets of the Remington conglomerate were auctioned off. Ultimately, Vista Outdoor, owner of Federal, CCI and Speer, purchased the assets of Remington Ammunition and got the Lonoke plant running again, better than ever.
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March 4th, 2023

Hold On — Wait One Minute … What’s That Downrange?

Bisley Range Deer England Centre UK Wildlife F-Class
Click image to zoom full-screen.

What’s wrong (or right?) with this picture? Does the “F” in F-class refer to “Fauna”? Look carefully at this Bisley Range photo taken by Australian R. Hurley while looking downrange through his March 8-80X scope. The photo was taken in 2015 at the Bisley National Shooting Centre in the UK.

The Story Behind the Photo
British shooter T. Stewart reports: “I was there when this photos was taken. All I can say was that Mr. Hurley was firmly reminded that should said deer accidentally jump in front of his bullet … he would spend five years ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’.”

“That morning we had five deer moving across the targets, literally blocking the V-Bull. Since we were on the 900-yard Firing Point, and elevated for such, obviously the bullet would pass well above them. But they do NOT move or flinch at the noise or passing bullets since they are not hunted on the Bisley Ranges. Earlier this year we saw a herd of 20 or so deer grazing slowly across the Range.”

More Fauna Findings…
Apparently Bisley is not the only place were “the deer and the antelope play”. In Canada, on the Connaught Ranges near Ottawa, Ontario, shooters often encounter a variety of wildlife. William McDonald from Ontario says: “Animals are a common sight on the Range. Along with deer we see geese, turkeys, and coyotes on a daily basis.”

Likewise, E. Goodacre from Queensland, Australia often sees ‘Roos on his home range: “I shoot at Ripley, Australia, and shooting is regularly interrupted by kangaroos. Our last silhouette match was delayed by an hour while 30 ‘Roos dawdled across — silly buggers!”

R. Hurley wasn’t the first fellow to view deer through his F-Class rifle’s scope. After seeing Hurley’s photo from Bisley, B. Weeks posted this image, saying: “Been there, done that!”

Bisley Range Deer England Centre UK Wildlife F-Class

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