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March 15th, 2023

Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Finale on Shooting USA TV Today

2022 2023 shooting usa precision rifle series finale prs K&M tennessee tn match results

The 2022 PRS Pro Series Finale was held November 5-6 at the K&M Precision Rifle Training Complex in Finger, Tennessee. The Finale brings together the best of the best within the PRS Pro Series to crown the annual champion. Competitors qualify through regional events to attend the Finale based on previous match results through the season. The 2022 PRS Finale is the headline feature on Shooting USA TV today.

Shooting USA SHOW TIMES: This Shooting USA Episode airs Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific; 8:00 PM Central. If you miss the regular broadcast, you can stream the show online at any time on Vimeo for $0.99 per episode.

The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is the leading organization running Precision Rifle (tactical-style) competition. In ten years, PRS has grown exponentially, not only in the USA but also internationally. The PRS records results from local and regional competitions to establish a world leader board to invite the top competitors to the Finale at the K & M Precision Complex in Tennessee.

2022 2023 shooting usa precision rifle series finale prs K&M tennessee tn match results

Great K&M Complex video — overhead and action shots — Click II pause button to halt:

GAP Grind 2020 Shooting USA Scoutten TV

PRS Finale Hardware

You’ll find the latest and greatest PRS hardware at the PRS Finale. Notable in recent seasons was the fact that many top competitors moved down from the 6.5/6mm Creedmoor to the smaller, more efficient 6mm Dasher, 6BRA, 6GT and other 6mm cartridges. The 6mm Dasher offers excellent accuracy with less recoil than the 6.5 Creedmoor. New magazine designs allow very reliable feeding with the shorter cartridges.

PRS finale K&M tennessee TN 2022

Allison Zane Takes Top Honors among Lady PRS Competitors
Congratulations to Team Lapua’s Allison Zane for winning overall Top Lady for the 2022 Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Zane, who scored a 169 at the PRS Pro Series Finale, clinched the Top Lady title for the third consecutive year. That’s an impressive “Three-Peat” for the Ladies’ title. Out of 260 competitors, Zane finished Top Lady and placed 27th overall.

Zane competed at the worlds with a 6mm Creedmoor rifle shooting Lapua brass and Berger 109gr LRHT bullets. Her precision rifle was built by Short Action Customs using a Defiance Machine Ruckus Tactical action, Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) ACC chassis system, Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36×56 scope, Hawk Hill Custom Marksman Contour barrel with MDT brake, and Huber two-stage trigger.

Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Finale
Attendance at the PRS Finale is by invitation. The Precision Rifle Series collects scoring information/results from regional competitions to compile a ranked world leader board over the course of an annual season. The top competitors from the season are thereby qualified for the Finale at the state-of-the-art K & M Training complex in Tennessee — one of the best precision shooting facilities in the world.

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March 15th, 2023

How Human Hearing Works — And Effective Hearing Protection

hearing protection inner ear anatomy science hearing medical electronic muffs earplugs

hearing protectionAll shooters, even rimfire enthusiasts, should always wear ear protection when at the range. A typical rifle gunshot is very loud — in the region of 140 to 170 decibels (the pain threshold is 130-140 db). Without ear protection, you can permanently damage your hearing during a single shooting session. We all know older shooters who are partially deaf, or who suffer from Tinnitus, because they didn’t use earplugs or muffs when they were younger.

How Humans Hear Sounds — Amazing Video Reveals All
The human sense of hearing involves multiple delicate internal membranes, bones, organs, and nerves. Shooters understand the importance of protecting their hearing, but they may not understand the bio-mechanics of human hearing. We hear sounds through Auditory Transduction. Sound waves vibrate the ear drum (tympanic membrane), but that is only the beginning. These vibrations are passed along via tiny rocker-arm-like bones to be “processed” in a spiral chamber, the cochlea.

This remarkable VIDEO explains how humans hear sounds. We strongly recommend you take the time to watch and learn. The hearing you save may be your own!

Click Speaker Icon to turn on the video’s soundtrack.

Vibrations moving through the cochlea are separated into frequencies and then sent as neural messages to the brain. It is an astonishingly complex process, one that truly seems miraculous when you examine the bio-engineering involved. In the Video above, the process of human Auditory Transduction is explained and illustrated with 3D animation. You really should watch this amazing video. By the end you will have a new-found appreciation for your ability to hear.

hearing protection inner ear anatomy science hearing medical electronic muffs earplugs

Every shooter should own a pair of Electronic muffs, even if you prefer shooting with earplugs and/or standard muffs. Electronic muffs are great when you are spotting for other shooters or are working near the firing line. They let you hear ordinary conversations while still providing vital hearing protection. You can also wear ear-plugs under muffs for extra sound attenuation.

shooting ear protection nrr 33 ear plugs howard leightPlugs PLUS Ear-Muffs — The Benefits of “Doubling-Up” Your Hearing Protection
According to OHS Online: “The combined attenuation of an ear plug and an ear muff is not simply the algebraic sum of the performance of each individual protector. This is due to an acoustic and vibratory interaction between the ear muff and the ear plug that causes them to behave together as a system rather than as independent hearing protectors.

Generally speaking, when you combine two hearing protectors, ear muffs over ear plugs, you can expect an increase [in noise reduction] of between 3 and 10 dB over the higher-performing hearing protector. OSHA [now advises] 5 dB as the [typical] benefit offered by combining hearing protectors.” Source:

Ear diagram courtesy Siemens Medical Solutions.

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March 15th, 2023

New Super Lite Howa Rifles — Just 4 Pounds, 7 Ounces

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

Howa claims that its new Super Lite rifle is the “absolute lightest centerfire rifle on the market”. We can’t confirm that. But at a listed 4 pounds, 7 ounces (without optics), the carbon-fiber stock Super Lite model is certainly very low in weight and mass. That’s an important plus for hunters carrying their gear for long hours in the field.

The Howa Super Lite rifle is currently available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, two of the most popular hunting chamberings. And Howa’s distributor, Legacy Sports Int’l, states that Super Lite rifles in .243 Winchester and 7mm-08 chamberings should be available by summer 2023.

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite rifles were first introduced in Kryptek Altitude and Kryptek Obskura designs (see Kypteck Altitude camo in photo above). For 2023 the Howa Super Lite is offered in three new solid color designs — gray, tan, and green. All using the strong but light Stocky’s Carbon Fiber stock, these new Super Lite models feature a black webbing and soft touch for added texture and enhanced grip on the low-mass carbon stock. For 2023, Howa will also offer a walnut-stocked version of the Super Lite rifle. This weighs a bit more — 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

Howa Super Lite Rifle Features

Stock Options: Gray, Tan, Green, and Krypteck Carbon Fiber Stock 4 lbs. 7 oz. (Walnut Stock, 5 lbs. 9 oz.)
Chamberings: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win (.243 Win and 7mm-08 in June 2023)
Stock: Stocky’s Carbon Fiber Stock with Accublock patented Lug Bed
Barrel: 20″ Blued barrel threaded (½”-28) and Suppressor Ready
Trigger: 2-Stage Match Trigger with 3-position Safety
Optics Mounting: Included one-piece Picatinny Rail
Stock Feature: Limbsaver Butt Pad
Warranty: Lifetime Howa Warranty

Accuracy Claim: Sub-MOA 3-shot group at 100 yards with premium factory ammo

Howa superlite super lite lightweight hunting rifle stocky's carbon stock varmint 6.5 creedmoor .308 win

The Howa Super Lite also has some interesting mechanical features, including machined receiver and gorged bolt, tool-less firing pin removal, and a reliable M-16 style extractor/ejector. CLICK HERE more information on HOWA Super Lite rifles and the rest of the Legacy Sport Int’ls full product line.

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