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March 17th, 2023

Get FREE St. Patrick’s Day Targets — Shamrock and Pot of Gold

Free downloadable pot of gold Ireland St Patricks day shamrock target NRA

Today, March 17th, is St. Patrick’s Day. With the current rampant inflation, Biden’s anti-gun Executive Orders, and the war in Ukraine, it may be hard to feel lucky in 2023, but at least you can collect some lucky targets. Here are two free Irish-themed targets to provide some fun and a bit of challenge. Shoot these Shamrocks or the Pot of Gold and see if you have the “luck of the Irish”.

To help celebrate this traditional day of Irish pride, the NRA has created two (2) fun targets you can download, print, and shoot. Try out these free targets. Click each Irish target photo below to open a high-rez PDF file you can download and print.

The first target features a large four-leaf clover in the middle, with 17 other smaller three-leaf shamrocks around the outside. With five black bulls-eyes in the center graphic, that gives you a total of 22 aiming points for shooting fun. For added challenge we suggest you set this Shamrock Target at 100 yards for rimfire rifle and 200 yards for a centerfire gun.

CLICK Below for Big Shamrock 4-Leaf Clover PDF Target

Free downloadable pot of gold Ireland St Patricks day shamrock target NRA

The second target offers the legendary Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Along with a big bullseye on the pot, there are 15 shamrocks in gold circles, plus five small gold, diamond-shaped nuggets with tiny bullseyes. Those small red dots will be a challenge even at 100 yards. You’ll need a half-MOA (or better) rifle to “clean” this Pot of Gold Target, hitting the tiny red dots on the diamond nuggets.

CLICK Below for Big Pot of Gold PDF Target

Free downloadable pot of gold Ireland St Patricks day shamrock target NRA

Whether you’re Irish or not, these targets will hopefully bring you a bit of luck. Click each image above to open a high-rez PDF file that you can print out. Then, this St. Patty’s day, wear your green, grab your gear, and head to range for some fun shooting.

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March 17th, 2023

SAKO S20 Rifle SALE with BOTH Hunter & Precision Stocks

sako s20 kygunco sale .30-06 6.5 creedmoor prc hunter precision

Right now KYGUNCO, a Kentucky firearms and gun gear store, is running a large Tax Time Sale. As part of that sale there are significant discounts on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. CLICK HERE for all sale items.

sako s20 kygunco sale .30-06 6.5 creedmoor prc hunter precision

Among the many special discounts, a SAKO Rifle sale stood out because of the large $494 discount*, and the fact that with each SAKO S20 rifle the buyer gets TWO complete stock sets. You essentially get two rifles in one — simply by changing the two-section stock configuration. You can run a thumbhole “hunter” version with narrow fore-end, and then change to a “precision version” with a more vertical grip, straight run on the buttstock keel, and straighter, more rectangular fore-end. Watch this video to see how the two stock types work with the interchangeable front and rear stock components:

This SAKO Video Shows How S20 Modular Stock Components Work (Worth Watching Guys!)

sako s20 kygunco sale 6.5 creedmoor rifle
SAKO S20 Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor with multiple stocks

sako s20 kygunco sale 6.5 PRC rifle
SAKO S20 Hunter 6.5 PRC with multiple stocks

sako s20 kygunco sale .30-06 springfield
SAKO S20 Hunter .30-06 Springfield with multiple stocks

sako s20 kygunco sale .300 Winchester win mag
SAKO S20 Hunter .300 Win Mag with multiple stocks

About the SAKO S20 Modular Rifle

The SAKO S20 is a modular rifle designed to allow the shooter to change the stock configuration easily for different applications. The S20 Hunter features an ergonomic, thumbhole stock with features any hunter will appreciate. The S20 Precision stock components have a more vertical grip and a straight section on the buttstock — good for riding a bag. Using spacers on the buttpad, the S20 stocks allow the shooter to adjust length of pull. And on both stock variations there is a handy quick adjustment for cheekpiece height. The S20 Hunter also features a specially designed 5-round Cartridge Plus magazine (three for magnum calibers), that provides extra length for those who load their own ammo. Additionally, the S20 Hunter/Precision features quick-detach points for mounting sling hardware on both sides of the stock and soft-touch inserts on the fore-end and pistol grip.

There are four (4) chamberings offered. 6.5 PRC, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Win Mag are discounted $494.00, while the 6.5 Creedmoor is discounted $291.00.
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March 17th, 2023

Pistols at Perry — Registration Opens for 2023 National Matches

Camp perry bullseye pistol championship

The CMP recently opened Registration for the 2023 National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. Since the turn of the 20th century*, Camp Perry has hosted major marksmanship events. While the rifle competitions get the most coverage, the Camp Perry National Matches also include bullseye pistol competition. Traditional Bullseye pistol shooting can bring nearly a thousand competitors to Camp Perry each summer, as part of the CMP National Championships. For these Camp Perry pistol matches, targets are set at 25 and 50 yards. The shooting position is standing and firing one-handed in slow fire, timed fire, and rapid-fire.

Since their inception over a century ago, the National Matches have become a major shooting sports festival with over 4,500 annual participants. Held at the Camp Perry Nat’l Guard Training Base, the National Matches now include both indoor and outdoor events. Adult and junior athletes are welcome.

2023 Camp Perry Pistol Schedule | Pistol Online Registration | Pistol Registration Form PDF

CLICK HERE for CMP Camp Perry National Matches INFO PAGE »

Camp Perry Pistol bullseye

Camp Perry Bullseye Pistol Competition
Camp Perry is synonymous with the oldest and most prestigious annual trophy matches in our nation’s history. And in a venue renowned for service rifle matches, the sport of precision pistol is no less important, no less challenging, and no less respected. The National Trophy Pistol Matches is all about traditional handgunning — the stance, the intense concentration, and of course, the one-handed grip. It’s all unmistakable as the game of Bullseye Pistol. Every year there are no fewer than 24 separate match trophies for the top Bullseye Pistol shooters, both military and civilian. And the very best will claim National Match Trophies and receive the President’s 100 Tab.

This video shows .45 ACP centerfire pistol competitors at Camp Perry

NTT National Trophy Team Pistol Match Camp Perry Gold Cup
Civilians and military shooters competed together at the 2019 NTT Pistol Match.

The 2021 National Matches encompass multiple pistol competitions, including a Centerfire Pistol 900 Aggregate, a .45 Pistol 900 Aggregate, and a CMP Revolver Match. To learn more about CMP events at the 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry, visit the CMP Nat’l Matches Website.

Camp Perry Pistol

* The first National Matches at Camp Perry were held in 1907. SEE: A Short History of Perry and the National Championships by Hap Rocketto.
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