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March 20th, 2023

BargainFinder 391: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. EuroOptic — Sako S20 Close-out Sale, Save $400-$600

Sako s20 clearance sale discount eurooptic
Save HUNDREDS on outstanding SAKO S20 rifles, multiple calibers

The SAKO S20 is a truly outstanding hunting rifle. It offers a smooth action, great trigger, excellent accuracy, and a convertible stock. Right now at EuroOptic you can save $400-$600 on a new SAKO S20 in a variety of popular chamberings. 15 different caliber/stock combinations are on sale, with discounts from $450-$600. Shown above are six notable deals, but there are many more. CLICK HERE to see all S20 Close-out offerings.

2. Midsouth — Hornady Press Kit, $319.99 w/ 500 FREE Bullets

hornady rebate classic reloading kit sale discount Midsouth shooters supply
Great Deal — Save $80 on complete reloading kit

Here’s an excellent reloading package with everything you need to start handloading cartridges. And right now you can save 21%. With this Hornady Lock N Load Deluxe Classic Reloading kit you get the Classic single-stage press, powder measure with stand, digital scale, hand priming tool, OAL gauge tool, calipers, loading block, bullet release “hammer”, powder trickler, funnel, chamfer/debur tool, shellholder pack, die bushings, lock rings, Hornady Reloading Manual and much more. Folks, this is a great bargain at $319.99! The same Hornady L-N-L Classic Press Kit is $369.97 on Amazon, fifty bucks more. Plus you get 500 Free bullets from Hornady with the purchase of this kit.

3. Brownells — Rock Chucker Reloading Kit, $269.99 with CODE

Deals of Week RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit
Kit includes press, powder measure, scale, manual and many tools

Here’s a great starter kit for any reloader, with sturdy items — such as the Rock Chucker Supreme press — that will last a lifetime. Everything you see above can be yours for just $319.99. And, with discount code “MARCH50″ you can save another $50, for a net price of just $269.99. That makes this Kit an absolute steal! The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit includes Rock Chucker Supreme Press, Primer Tool, Scale, Powder Measure, Loading Tray, Reloading Manual and more. Be sure to use the “MARCH50″ Code during checkout to lower your net cost to $269.99, making this one of the best deals of the year.

4. Winchester Wildcat with Optic, $244.99 with Rebate

winchester 22LR rimfire .22 LR wildcat reflex optic bargain sale discount CDNN sports
Fun rimfire rifle complete with optic — rebate through 3/26/23

Here is a fun little semi-auto .22 LR rifle at a crazy low price — $244.99 complete with a mounted Red Dot Reflex Site. That includes a $25 factory rebate — the list price is $269.99. The Winchester Wildcat takes Ruger 10/22 mags, and has some great features, such as field-removable lower receiver, ambidextrous controls, integral Picatinny rails, and rear barrel access. It has a good trigger and shoots well. In many respects the Wildcat beats the Ruger 10/22 while costing a lot less. The lower receiver assembly is easily removed from the upper assembly by pushing a button — no tools required. If you don’t need the optic, you can get a basic Wildcat for $214.99 after rebate ($239.99 regular price).

Winchester Rebate: Purchase any Winchester Wildcat rifle and get $25 back via mail-in rebate. Offer valid February 23 through March 26, 2023. Go to

5. KYGUNCO — M&P Shield EZ or M&P9 M2.0 Laser/Light Shield

Smith wesson S&W 9mm shield ez compact .380 factory rebate
S&W carry pistols Shield EZ and M2.0 with laser/light option, $75 Rebates

KYGUNCO is running some great S&W Pistol deals this week. When you combine KYGUNCO’s price reductions with the current S&W $75 factory rebates, you can save over $120.00. Here are two impressive 9mm pistol options. We like the 9mm Shield EZ for $449.00 or just $374.00 after $75.00 S&W Rebate. Or get the 9mm Shield compact with Green Laser/Light combo for $423.87, or just $348.87 after rebate. That’s a very nice carry gun.

6. Brownells — Tax Time Bipod Sale

tax scope sale
Major savings on wide selection of big brand optics

Now through mid-April, Brownells is featuring a large selection of bipods from four leading brands: Harris, Magpul, Accu-Tac, Atlas, and MDT. You’ll find special sales on some bipods, and a wide selection of options for others. If you need a new bipod for your tactical, hunting, or varminting rifle, check out these offerings at Brownells.

7. Graf’s — Sightron SIII LR 6-24x50mm, $849.99 (23% Off)

sightron 6-24x50mm varmint scope
Major savings on wide selection of big brand optics

This is a great scope for varmint rifles. It has an MOA-2 reticle that allows easy hold off. Because it is Second Focal Plane, the reticle doesn’t enlarge with magnification so you are not obscuring small critters at distance. This scope features Sightron’s unique ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment system, and it has a rock-solid warranty. For a SFP varmint scope, this would be one of our top choices. And now you can get significant savings at This scope is now $849.99 on sale, a 23% savings. The same scope sells for $1099.99 elsewhere. If you often shoot in low light, there is a also a fully illuminated 6-24x50mm Sightron SIII with the MOA-H reticle for $999.99.

8. EuroOptic — Leica 6X Zoom Scopes, 40-42% Off

Great deal on superb long-range hunting/varminting scopes

Here are two very high-quality Leica riflescopes at big discounts. These are SFP optics with 0.1 Milrad clicks. With an amazing 6X zoom ration, there is a huge field of view at the 2.5X base magnification. Then you have 15X on the other end for long shots. The 56mm objective version is now $919.99 on sale, a 42% savings off the $1599.99 price, while the version with a 50mm objective is $899.99, a 40% discount off the regular $1499.99 price. With these deals you can save over $600 — enough to buy a rifle.

9. Amazon — H&B Ultrasonic Heated Cleaning Machine, $84.48

lyman sonic cleaner
Excellent scope for varminters and grounghog matches

Looking to clean your brass and/or gun parts? The H&B Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is a bargain at just $84.48 on Amazon. This unit features a heated tank for cleaning of cartridge brass and metal parts. The ultrasonic cavitation lifts and dissolves carbon, dirt, and any residue left on fired cases. Chose cycles from 90 to 480 seconds. Not only can you clean brass, but this unit can clean pistol slides, magazines, jewelry, and silverware. Note: This unit, an “Amazon Choice” with 84% 4- or 5-star reviews, is nearly identical to the unit Lyman has sold for $120+.

10. MidwayUSA — Real Avid AR-15 Cleaning Kit with Mat, $28.22

avid AR5 ar-15 cleaning kit mat tool kit sale
Great accessory for AR15s, cleaning kit and mat with diagrams

We can recommend the Real Avid AR-15 Cleaning Kit/Smart Mat for all AR owners. This includes a large, padded, oil-resistant mat with printed AR parts diagrams and a built-in parts tray. The tool kit, in zippered pouch, has key tools needed to disassemble and clean your AR. The kit also includes the Real Avid Field Guide. At $28.22, this combo set costs less than the Real Avid Cleaning Kit by itself.

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March 20th, 2023

Quick Pix — Product Snapshots from IWA Outdoor Classics

iwa outdoor classics photos products 2023 showcase

Here are select product images from IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 trade show in Nuremburg (Nürnberg) Germany. We reviewed hundreds of images to find some of the more interesting products on display. We hope our readers enjoy this vicarious look at the IWA Outdoor Classics show.

There are over 220 photos online from the 2023 IWA Outdoor Classics event. You can access them through the IWA 2023 photo archive. Here are a few product images that we thought our readers would enjoy.

IWA outdoor classics cz 600 rifle wood stock bolt-action creedmoor germany hunter
Twin CZ 600 Range rifles on display. The CZ 600 Range features a modern wood laminated stock and cold-hammer-forged barred. CZ guarantees 3/4-MOA accuracy at 100 meters.

IWA outdoor classics cute women binoculars optics lens demo germany hunter
Young lady looks through the latest Leica GeoVid Pro 8×32 Laser Rangefinder binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics tactical PRS MPA chassis 6mm creedmoor schmidt bender scope demo germany hunter
Schmidt & Bender FFP MRAD scope mounted on precision rifle with Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Chassis and 6.5 Creedmoor 1:8″-twist MPA barrel.

IWA outdoor classics hunting jacket camo camouflage gear germany hunter
The IWA Outdoor Classics show is very much about hunting. Here’s a display of the latest and greatest camo and Hi-Viz (day-glo) apparel for hunters.

IWA outdoor classics eye protection glasses color lenses germany spectrum
All shooters should ALWAYS wear quality eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. This display shows that you can choose from a wide spectrum of lens colors and frame types.

IWA outdoor classics optics lens rangefinder binoculars germany hunter
Trio of Pulsar Optics — binoculars, thermal monocular, and thermal imaging binoculars.

IWA outdoor classics GECO ammo ammunition star plus germany hunting
Here’s a selection of GECO Express, Plus, and Star ammunition. GECO, now part of the Swiss RUAG group, was founded in Germany by Gustav Genschow in 1887. Today, GECO ammunition is manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hungary.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany hunting horn brass
IWA Outdoor Classics features traditional hunting gear, such as these handsome brass hunting horns.

IWA outdoor classics glock germany nuremburg pistol
Crowd gathers at the Glock booth in the NürnbergMesse in Bavaria, Germany, home of the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show.

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March 20th, 2023

How Primers Are Made — Start to Finish at Federal Factory

Federal Primer Priming Tool Magnum primers foil anvil primer construction reloading powder CCI

Do you know how gun primers are made — how the explosive elements are applied into those tiny cups? Find out by watching this video filmed at a Federal ammunition factory. It starts out with empty primer cups loaded, 1000 at a time, into trays using vibration (0:05 time-mark). While much of the process is automated, there is still a significant role played by production workers who apply a green, paste-like charging compound to the inside of hundreds of primer cups.

At the 0:17-second time-mark you can see the factory worker “charging” the primers with the priming compound. After the cups are filled, then the plate of cups “mates up with a plate of anvils” (0:40 time-mark). Then the primers are unloaded from trays and inspected.

Federal Primer Priming Tool Magnum primers foil anvil primer construction reloading powder CCI

Primer “Mysteries and Misconceptions” Article

There is an excellent article about primers on the Shooting Times website. This authoritative Shooting Times article explains the fine points of primer design and construction. The author reveals some little-known facts about primers and corrects common misconceptions. Here are some highlights:

Primer Priming Tool Magnum primers foil anvil primer construction reloading powder CCISize Matters
Useful Trivia — even though Small Rifle and Small Pistol primer pockets share the same depth specification, Large Rifle and Large Pistol primers do not. The standard pocket for a Large Pistol primer is somewhat shallower than its Large Rifle counterpart, specifically, 0.008 to 0.009 inch less.

Magnum Primers
There are two ways to make a Magnum primer — either use more of the standard chemical mix to provide a longer-burning flame or change the mix to one with more aggressive burn characteristics. Prior to 1989, CCI used the first option in Magnum Rifle primers. After that, we switched to a mix optimized for spherical propellants that produced a 24% increase in flame temperature and a 16% boost in gas volume.

Foiled Again
Most component primers have a little disk of paper between the anvil and the priming mix. It is called “foil paper” not because it’s made of foil but because it replaces the true metal foil used to seal early percussion caps. The reason this little disk exists is strictly a manufacturing convenience. Wet primer pellets are smaller than the inside diameter of the cup when inserted and must be compacted to achieve their proper diameter and height. Without the foil paper, the wet mix would stick to the compaction pins and jam up the assembly process.

Read Full Primer Story on

Video find by Boyd Allen. We welcome reader submissions.
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