November 18th, 2007

RWS Brass on Sale at Natchez

Without question, Germany’s RWS produces some of the finest cartridge brass in the world. RWS cases are drawn in three stages, and after each draw they are annealed, pickled, rinsed and subjected to further quality improvement measures. This achieves specific hardening of the brass cases and increases their resistance to high pressures. Every lot is pressure-tested before release. Excellence doesn’t come cheap however–RWS brass is among the most expensive you can buy. Right now though, Natchez Shooters Supplies is offering big savings on RWS brass. Most calibers are discounted at least 30%. Here are some examples (prices for 20-case box):

RWS 6.5×68, RW2144697, $21.10/20 (reg. $30.01)
RWS .280 Rem, RW2144514, $22.22/20 (reg. $31.59)
RWS 7×57, RW2144484, $17.10/20 (reg. $24.31)
RWS 7mm Rem Mag, RW2144875, $22.22/20 (reg. $31.59)
RWS 30-06, RW2144433, $21.66/20 (reg. $30.79)
RWS 300 Win Mag, RW2144778, $20.52/20 (reg. $29.18)
RWS 375 H&H Mag, RW2145162, $19.38 (reg. $27.57)

RWS Cartridge Brass

Many of the top 1000-yard shooters use RWS brass for their big 30-caliber rifles, starting with a cartridge such as the 8×68, or 375 H&H magnum. Legendary long-range shooter Dave Tooley reports: “As far as brass goes, for my 30 BooBoo, I use the RWS 8×68 brass. Quality is as good as it gets, and it lasts forever.” RWS also offers premium brass for many of the big game and hunting calibers such as the 380 Blaser, 7mm Rem Mag, and 8×57.

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