February 5th, 2008

Icon Action from Thompson/Center

One of the most interesting factory actions on display at SHOT Show was the Thompson/Center Icon. It’s very robust and features multiple lugs on the bottom that mate with a metal bedding platform. Unlike Remington, Sako, or Remington actions, the T/C icon features three integral recoil lugs, CNC-milled bedding block, a large-diameter bolt, and extremely sturdy bottom metal. Click here for a LARGE PHOTO showing all the components of the prototype “Icon” action. Note, production versions may have different magazines. GA Precision will also build a special run of detachable-magazine tactical rifles using the new “Icon” action.

CLICK HERE for PAGE with ICON FEATURES. Note: at the top of that page is a flash file. Click on the small red crosses to zoom and highlight particular features.

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