April 13th, 2008

Swampworks Revives JLK Bullet Designs

Jimmy Knox may have retired, but his high-performance bullet designs are still available for competitive shooters. The JLK line of projectiles is now produced by Swampworks Inc., which acquired Jimmy’s dies and components.

Swampworks’ Owner, Steve “Swampy” Milholland, tells us: “We are in regular production now of new bullets in the most popular calibers. These bullets are produced with the SAME tooling, the SAME bullet forming dies, and the SAME quality components from the same suppliers. We are producing the ‘new’ bullets on the old designs one batch at a time, based on demand.” We’ve heard good reports about the Swampworks JLK bullets, particularly the 6mm 105gr VLD and 6.5mm, 130gr VLD.

Here are current prices on some popular JLK Bullets:

.224 75gr VLD 250-count $62.00
.224 80gr VLD 250-count $62.75
6mm 105gr VLD 200-count $58.30
.257 108gr VLD 200-count $62.30
6.5mm 130gr VLD 150-count $48.90
7mm 180gr VLD 125-count $47.00

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