May 31st, 2007

New 6mm and 30-Cal Bullets from Clay Spencer

Recently, Jason Baney got hold of some of the new 103+ gr Spencer 6mm match bullets. Jason noted that these are some of the most consistent bullets he’s measured, and he hopes to test them soon at 1000 yards. We talked to Clay Spencer and Clay explained: “These bullets are so good because of the extra effort we put into making them–plus outstanding Niemi dies. We inspect each batch of jackets. If the jackets don’t meet my standards, they go back to J4. We also have very expensive pointing dies that do a superior job.”

Are the 103s available? Clay replied: “Right now we’re waiting on jackets, and I’ve got 9,000 bullets advanced-ordered. So folks will have to stand in line. But let me tell you, if I had 100,000 sitting here now, I could sell them all in a couple of days.” Clay does have 1400 6mm 95-grainers in stock that use the same design as the 103s, they are just scaled down. The first lots of the 103s were priced at $37.50/100, but Clay says the price will go up because jackets and cores have increased in price.

The big news is that Clay is working on a radical new 210gr long-range 30-caliber bullet, using completely new dies from Niemi. Clay reports: “We’ve produced the first 200 of these 210-grain 30s. Bobby Rosen will be testing them shortly. If these bullets shoot as well as we think, I’ll be committing to $11,500 in equipment and we’ll put the 30s in production. These 30s will be different than anything you can buy now–we’ve developed a new, shorter boat-tail design.”

Clay also produces 68gr 6mm match bullets, 52gr 22-caliber match bullets, and a 115gr 30-caliber bullet for the 30BR Score Shooters. For more info on the new 103+ gr 6mms, and the prototype 210gr 30-caliber projectile, visit Spencer Rifle Barrels, or call Clay Spencer at (434) 293-6836.

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