July 28th, 2009

New Super-Strong Bottom Metal from Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles (TR), a Florida-based precision rifle builder and parts-maker, has introduced new, ultra-durable bottom metal for Rem 700 and Rem-clone receivers. Why do we need better/stronger bottom metal? Just take a look at photo below. It shows a factory Rem floorplate that failed at the trigger guard.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal

The TR floorplate/detachable magazine assembly is lighter, yet stronger than factory bottom metal and competitive after-market products: “At it’s thinnest part the TR floorplate assembly is 150% thicker than our nearest competitors’ unit.” That makes the unit much stronger and more durable. In addition the TR floorplate is designed to work with TR’s milspec, dual-stack, center-feed magazines. This center-feed mag design provides more reliable feeding and function.

The photo below left shows a TR floorplate assembly under the wheel of a heavy pick-up truck. As you can see in the right photos, the “overbuilt” TR bottom-metal passes this test with flying colors.

Tactical Rifles bottom metal Tactical Rifles bottom metal

TR floorplate assemblies are now available for purchase as a replacement part for any Remington 700-style rifle. Minimal gunsmithing is required but the end result is, according to tactical rifles, “dramatically increased reliability … without the binding that occurs in some of the other detachable box magazine (DBM) systems available today.” For more info, visit TacticalRifles.net, or call 877-811-GUNS (4867).

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