March 22nd, 2010

BRRC Tactical Team Challenge on March 27 in SoCal

BRRC Team Challenge TacticalThe Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club (BRRC) hosts a major SoCal tactical two-gun match this weekend — the 2010 BRRC Team Challenge I. This event is for two-person teams; each shooter needs a rifle and pistol or revolver. Money prizes will be offered to the top teams. The event is limited to twelve teams and there are just two (2) more team slots open so sign up soon if you’re interested. To pre-register, email Gary Eliseo, spraynandprayn [at] .

Match Director Martin Tardif says: “Break out that tactical rifle and home defense pistol, put on your Mall Ninja/Sniper/Operator Khakis and get your buddy down to Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club north of Los Angeles Saturday March 27th for the 2010 B.R.R.C. TEAM CHALLENGE I.” The linked Match Bulletin details the course of fire, equipment list, and rounds needed.

BRRC Team Challenge Tactical

If you’ve attended the BRRC Team Challenge before, there will be some changes this year to make the event more fun. The field stage is different, there will be more steel targets, more cardboard silhouettes, and more Unknown Distance shooting. But Tardif notes, this won’t be too physically demanding: “If you’re worried about too much running and not enough gunning… trust me, you could shuffle through this stage and still be competitive.”

Required Equipment: Scoped rifle (.30 cal or under) with extra magazines/ammunition and sling for carry during the field course, pistol with extra magazines and holster for field course carry.

Recommended Equipment: Spotting scope, binoculars, compass and shooting mat are useful. Note: No laser rangefinders will be permitted at any time during the match.

CLICK HERE for Match Bulletin

CLICK HERE for Directions to BRRC Range (Los Angeles area)

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