February 17th, 2011

McMillan Offers FREE Training Course for Rifle Buyers

For a limited time, McMillan has extended its free Marksmanship Training Program Offer. The two-day course, a $500.00 value, is conducted at the McMillan Range in Arizona, where participants can shoot out to one mile and beyond. The next class, scheduled for April 26-27, 2011 has filled up, but McMillan is taking reservations for fall sessions, to be held in October (dates TBA). Here’s how it works: Any owner of a complete McMillan rifle is entitled to attend a two-day Marksmanship course at no charge (food, lodging, ammo not included). Each McMillan rifle owner may also bring one guest, who also shoots for free (not counting food, lodging, ammo). The regular price for this course is $500.00.

McMillan Marksmanship Course Video (WARNING: Turn down speakers if at work.)
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Course Title: FREE Marksmanship Training Course
Next Open Date: Fall, 2011 (October dates TBA)
Cost: Free for owners of McMillan rifles and their guests. $500 for non-owners.
Contact: Maura McMillan, (623) 582-9635

The McMillan two-day Marksmanship Training Course is free for owners of any McMillan rifle. Taught on McMillan rifle ranges in Arizona, the course covers the fundamentals of marksmanship, including properly sighting a rifle, adjusting your scope, and shooting out beyond 1,000 yards. The course will also cover the mil-dot system, doping the wind, competing with other participants in a long-range, timed event, and firearms maintenance and range safety. You’ll work one-on-one with qualified McMillan instructors engaging targets from a hundred yards out to a mile or more. And you will spend a memorable two days with fellow McMillan owners of all skill levels.

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