March 2nd, 2019

Signature Ring HACK — How to Determine True Elevation Change

Burris signature rings inserts

Burris Signature Rings with polymer inserts are an excellent product. The inserts allow you to clamp your scope securely without ring marks. Moreover, using the matched offset inserts you can “pre-load” your scope to add additional elevation. This helps keep the scope centered in its elevation range while shooting at long range. Additionally, with a -20 insert set in the front and a +20 insert set in the rear, you may be able to zero at very long ranges without using an angled scope base — and that can save money. (To move your point of impact upwards, you lower the front of the scope relative to the bore axis, while raising the rear of the scope.)

Burris Signature Rings

Insert Elevation Values and Ring Spacing
People are sometimes confused when they employ the Burris inserts. The inset numbers (-10, +10, -20, +20 etc.) refer to hundredths of inch shim values, rather than to MOA. And you need the correct, matched top/bottom pair of inserts to give you the marked thousandth value. Importantly, the actual amount of elevation you get with Burris inserts will depend BOTH on the insert value AND the spacing between ring centers.

Forum member Gunamonth has explained this in our Shooters’ Forum:

Working with Burris Signature Rings
Burris inserts are [marked] in thousandths of an inch, not MOA. To know how many MOA you gain you also need to know the ring spacing. For example, with a -20 thou insert set in the front and a +20 thou insert set in the rear, if the ring spacing is 6″, the elevation change will be approximately +24 MOA upwards.

Here’s how we calculate that. If you have a 2 X 0.020″ “lift” over a distance of 6 inches (i.e. 0.040″ total offset at 0.5 feet) that’s equivalent to 0.080″ “lift” over 12 inches (one foot). There are 300 feet in 100 yards so we multiply 0.080″ X 300 and get 24″ for the total elevation increase at 100 yard. (Note: One inch at 100 yards isn’t exactly a MOA but it’s fairly close.)

Here’s a formula, with all units in inches:

Total Ring Offset
——————– X 3600 = Change @ 100 yards
Ring Spacing

(.020 + .020)
—————– X 3600 = 24 inches at 100 yards

NOTE: Using the above formula, the only time the marked insert offset will equal the actual MOA shift is when the center to center ring spacing is 3.60″. Of course, you are not required to use 3.60″ spacing, but if you have a different spacing your elevation “lift” will be more or less than the values on the inserts.

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March 2nd, 2019

Target Cones — Foldable Cardboard Cones Are Handy

Re-9 Re-Nine Safety Target Cone Carboard holder support

Sometimes you have an opportunity to go shooting but you’re a long way from home and your regular tall target frame(s). Here’s a handy product — a foldable cardboard cone — you can easily carry in your vehicle and deploy any time.

With this innovative Target Cone you can easily carry a target-holder wherever you go. The Target Cone from Re-Nine Safety transports flat so it can be easily stowed in the trunk of your car (or even under a seat). When you’re ready to use it, simply fold the flaps to create a self-supporting cone with pre-printed targets on one side. Place a rock on the base to hold it steady. The Target Cone can be used by itself or, as shown below, you can attach other targets, such as Re-Nine’s new Silhouette Target (below right).

Re-9 Re-Nine Safety Target Cone Carboard holder support

We think this is a great innovation. Keep a couple Target Cone flats in the back of your car or truck and you’ll always have a target support. For spur-of-the-moment range sessions, this is much easier than toting around a big target frame. The Re-Nine Safety Target Cones come flat, fold together and interlock forming a sturdy 28″ tall stand-alone target.

Re-9 Re-Nine Safety Target Cone Carboard holder support

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March 2nd, 2019

Get 3500 Rounds of CCI .22 LR Ammo for under $120

CCI ammo .22 LR ammunition deal rebate rimfire promo code brownells

Got .22 LR Ammo? Here is a crazy good deal that will get you a year’s worth of rimfire ammo — 3500 rounds — for just $116.64 after Rebate. That’s just 3.3 cents per round. Here’s how it works…

1. Go to and Find CCI Blazer Rimfire Ammo.

2. Order seven (7) 500-ct Bricks of CCI Blazer .22 LR Ammo for $153.93 ($21.99 per brick on sale).

3. Type in Code “NCS” in the Discount Code slot. This NCS Code knocks $15 dollars off the price AND provides FREE Shipping. Cost is now $138.93.

4. Apply for the CCI Factory Rebate. This rebates you $21.99, what you paid (after discount) for one of the CCI 500-ct Bricks.

5. With the $21.99 Rebate, your Net Cost is just $116.94 delivered.

That’s $116.94 for 3500 rounds of .22 LR ammo — GREAT DEAL!

To get this deal you purchase the ammo from Brownells for $138.93 with Code NCS and then apply for the CCI pre-paid credit card worth $21.99. NOTE: You must purchase on or before 3/31/2019.

CCI ammo .22 LR ammunition deal rebate rimfire promo code brownells

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