May 17th, 2007

Free Freight on Winchester & Rem Brass

MidwayUSA just announced a special deal on bulk brass sales. For a limited time, Midway is including free shipping in the price of certain Remington and Winchester brass. The Free Freight offer only applies to listed large quantities of specific brass. Qualifying products include:

Winchester .204 Ruger brass, quantity of 1100, item 319113, $191.99 delivered
Winchester .223 Rem brass, quantity of 1200, item 322911, $195.99 delivered.

Remington 22-250 brass, quantity of 700, item 911747, price $174.99 delivered.
Remington .308 Win brass, quantity of 700, item 844510, price $193.99 delivered.

This is a limited time offer, and restrictions apply. You must order the exact product described, sorry no mixing or matching. Any other items added to the invoice will be shipped in a separate box and will incur normal shipping charges. Shipping method is USPS Priority Mail for delivery within 7 days.

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