May 7th, 2007

Innovative Video Output for Scopes

rifle scope video monitorRemotely-mounted video monitors offer many benefits for precision shooters. With an outboard LCD monitor, one can shoot “heads up” while watching downrange conditions and wind flags. Moreover one will no longer have to struggle with ultra-critical eye relief or strain to stay centered on a tiny exit pupil (as small as 1mm on high-magnification scopes). A remote screen that displays the view from the scope has obvious advantages for disabled shooters, and for military snipers (who can stay completely concealed). Varmint hunters operating at night and in low-light can also benefit, as the image from the scope can be boosted electronically to appear much brighter on the display.

Alamo Four Star of Texas has pioneered a video display for hunters and disabled shooters, the Deros Vision System. In the pictures below, you can see the system mounted on a rifle and also placed on a Deros rifle fixture used by a disabled shooter. Priced at $995.00, the Deros Vision System is not cheap, but its benefits are obvious for special applications. We predict that, with time, major optics makers will all offer some kind of digital viewing system that can function with spotting scopes and rifle optics. The gimbaled mechanical gun fixture, sold separately, can be mounted directly to a wheelchair.

rifle scope Deros Vision Video Screen

remote video rifle scope spotting

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