May 15th, 2007

New Wind Station for Prone Shooters

Gary Eliseo of Competition Shooting Stuff, has come up with a cool new product for prone and F-Class shooters–a complete wind station (with digital display), that mounts on a spotting scope stand. It provides a constant, real-time output of wind velocity with an indicator of wind direction. At the top of the stand, a spinner measures velocity and sends its readings via wire to a remote display. A balanced plastic wind vane shows the wind angle. This is clamp-mounted so you can adjust the vane’s height–low for easy viewing, or high to avoid “ground effect” variations.

A small digital display clips on to the front bell of your spotting scope so you can see wind velocity without changing your shooting position. The display also has a stopwatch function. Gary tells us his Vortex 1200 anemometer is great for prone or smallbore competitors or team coaches. The unit offers 0.5 mph resultion and the battery should last up to one year according to Gary. A tripod mounted version of the shooter’s wind station is also available for benchrest shooters. This mounts to any camera tripod.

Note: Shooters should check competition rules for their discipline to see if this wind station can be used during actual matches. See comments. If match rules prohibit such devices, the wind station is still a valuable tool for practice days between matches.

Eliseo shooters wind anemometer

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