May 4th, 2007

Sources for Savage Precision Target Action

There has been great interest in the new Savage Precision Target Action. Many folks have asked “Where can I buy one?” Unfortunately, Savage only sells through distributors, so you can’t purchase directly from Savage. You have to find a local dealer, or gunsmith with an FFL and then buy through a distributor.

Some of the major Savage distributors are:

AcuSport Corp. (California), (916) 784-2234
AcuSport Corp. (Ohio), (937) 593-7010
Davidson’s (Arizona), (928) 776-8055
Ellett Bros (South Carolina), (803) 345-3751
Jerrys Sports Center (Pennsylvania), (717) 564-3424
Sports South (Lousiana), (318) 797-4848
Zanders (Illinois), (618) 785-2235

We suggest you have your local dealer, gunsmith, or FFL call Jerry’s Sports Center for starters. When we contacted Savage Arms, the Savage Mktg. Director thought Jerry’s would have some units in stock. MSRP=$504.00. Current street price is about $425.00–but that depends on the deal you can cut with your local dealer or smith.

savage target action

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