May 24th, 2007

Timney Rem 700 Trigger on Sale

Shooters looking for a moderately-priced trigger upgrade for Remington and Rem-clone actions should check out this deal from Now through the end of May, 2007, the Timney Rem 700 trigger, item 563419, is on sale for $84.99, marked down from $94.99. This trigger, which adjusts easily from 1.5 to 4 pounds pull weight, is an easy install for most folks with Rem 700s and 40X actions. It fits right hand actions only and it requires the use of the factory safety. The housing is milled from solid steel. All working parts are CNC-machined from solid steel with all contact and wear surfaces hardened, surface ground and polished. User reports on the Timney trigger have been positive:

“The trigger is easily adjustable and is CRISP with no creep and breaks cleanly. It has a wonderfully wide trigger and I have mine adjusted down around 1.5 pounds of pull, still crisp and clean.”–A. Richards.

“The triggers are wider than stock with very fine ribs. The function is tight, crisp, creep-free, and factory set at 3 pounds (according to my trigger pull guage). They functioned flawlessly and the factory safeties mated right up to them, and functioned as they should.”–D.R.

“Super easy to install, super easy to adjust the trigger, and a super high quality product. I am not mechanically inclined at all, and it was a cinch to install.”–J. Ritchie.

Timney Rem 700 trigger

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