June 28th, 2007

Cerrosafe Casting Material On Sale

In order to get exact dimensions for custom dies, and to monitor changes in the throat of your rifle, you may want to make a chamber cast. With such casts you can determine the exact dimensions of your chamber, throat, and bore (including land/groove diameters). Most chamber casts are made with Cerrosafe, a very unique compound that is ideal for the job. To cast a chamber, Cerrosafe is poured into the chamber and the first part of the throat. As it hardens it actually shrinks, allowing you to remove the cast from your barreled action. But, then what good is an undersized cast? Well, that is the magic of Cerrosafe. As it goes into its final hardening process, it “grows” back to the true bore/chamber dimensions. Brownell’s explains: “Cerrosafe shrinks during the first 30 minutes of cooling and then at the end of an hour, is EXACTLY chamber size. Cerrosafe melts between 158°-190° F.” To learn more about chamber casting with Cerrosafe, Click here for Gun collector Mark Trope’s illustrated guide to chamber casting, found on SurplusRifle.com.

cerrosafe casting alloy

MidwayUSA has 1/2-pound bars of Cerrosafe Casting Alloy on sale for just $9.99, through the end of July. That’s $8.00 off the normal $17.99 price–quite a deal. As long as you keep the alloy free of contaminents the Cerrosafe can be re-used many times, though we advise you keep your chamber cast as a reference as long as you own the rifle.

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