June 28th, 2007

More "Long Dasher" Info (6-6.5×47 Lapua Improved)

There was so much interest in Sunbuilder’s 6-6.5×47 Improved Varmint rifle that we got Scott to photograph his new cartridge. With a reamer from Dave Kiff of Pacific, Tool & Gauge, this wildcat cartridge adds about 2.0 grains capacity to the 6.5×47 necked down to 6mm. The case certainly is impressive with that 40° shoulder:

That extra two grains of capacity allows Scott (Sunbuilder) to get some very impressive velocities. Scott reports that while his most accurate load has been N160 pushing the Berger 105 Match BT at about 3115, he has pushed other 105s close to 3300 with H4350 and he thinks there’s an accuracy node around 3225 fps. (WARNING–Don’t even attempt to reach these kind of speeds with an unimproved case–you won’t succeed and you could hurt yourself in the process!) With the potential for those kinds of speeds, Scott is thinking of trying another barrel that might give better accuracy with the Hornady 105s. With its plastic tip, the Amax offers better expansion that conventional high-BC bullets. As a final note, Scott wanted us to mention the project smith: “Neil Jones of ‘Neil Jones Custom Products’ built this gun, and did a really fine job! Neil also built me a set of custom dies to match.”

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