September 24th, 2007

American Airlines Bans Gun Transport on Asian and European Flights

U.S. air carrier American Airlines has announced a change to its official policies. Starting today, September 24, 2007, American Airlines will forbid the carrying of any firearms as checked baggage on flights to or from Europe or Asia. The airline’s notice states: “Effective with tickets purchased on/after September 24, 2007, American Airlines will no longer accept firearms in checked baggage to/from any European or Asian destination (except for military/government personnel with proper documentation).” This applies to target rifles and pistols as well as hunting guns. It is unclear whether American Airlines will apply this policy to the Indian subcontinent, Australia, and New Zealand.

Those of you planning to travel to Europe or Asia for competitive or hunting purposes should take note of this new rule. Thankfully, there are other carriers, both domestic and foreign, which still allow rifles to be shipped in locked hard cases as checked baggage. Check with each carrier to determine their particular policies, and you should, of course, also check to ensure you comply with all laws of both your home country and the nation to which you are traveling.

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