September 5th, 2007

Brownell's Offers AR-Specific Catalog

Brownells just released its first-ever “All AR” catalog, featuring parts and accessories offered for ARs in .223, .308 and other calibers. Customers can receive a free Brownells AR-15/M16 Catalog #1 by calling 1-800-741-0015 or visiting

As with other Brownell’s catalogs introduced this year, the new AR-15 catalog includes “dream guns” — images of customized ARs with various accessories and aftermarket products. The full-color catalog offers more than 2000 products including barrels, optics, buttstocks, magazines, tools, triggers, flash suppressors and more. New products featured in the catalog include Brownell’s Tac Mags, Pentagon Lights, 9mm uppers and conversions from Rock Rivers Arms.

“From varmint hunters to law enforcement professionals, to competition and home defense, the popularity of AR-15/M16 rifles continues to increase,” said Frank Brownell, company president. “The AR platform grows in popularity every day. Our gun techs receive calls every day from customers asking how to best customize a black rifle for their specific needs.”

AR parts diagram

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