September 24th, 2007

Franklin's 4000 FPS 30-Cal Varminter Is a Hit with Hunters

Richard Franklin (Richard’s Custom Rifles) has pioneered the use of lightweight (110-130 grain) 30-caliber bullets in a new generation of hyper-velocity varmint rifles. Richard’s new trademark cartridge is the “300 Varminter”. Using 30″ barrels with the 300 WSM case, Richard’s “maxi” varminter delivers incredible levels of energy at both short and long range. Traveling at 4000+ FPS, the lightweight, plastic-tipped bullets literally explode when they hit. This can lift a groundhog up to 10 feet in the air–and Richard has VIDEO to prove it.

Richard tells us that demand is high for the 300 Varminter: “I have built 25 of these rifles just this year, and orders are increasing. I’m building them for coyote hunters out west, and well as Eastern groundhog shooters.” Richard adds: “This cartridge is fast AND accurate. My 300 Varminter is now my favorite rifle, and it may be the most accurate long-range varmint rifle I own. Accuracy is really outstanding–I’ve shot groups under 1.5″ at 500 yards with this. And the effect of these bullets at 500+ yards on a ‘Hog has to be seen to be believed.” Richard uses VV 550 and Norma 300 WSM brass: “Norma is the only way to go–the Win and Rem brass is nowhere near as good”.

Richard explains: “The 300 Varminter is built around the 300 WSM case. In good custom actions such as the BAT or Nesika this round will deliver 4000+ FPS with the 125gr Nosler Ballistic tips and a bit more with the 110gr Hornady V-Max. Remington-action rifles will handle velocities up to around 3800 to 3900 FPS with these bullets. We use Norma brass in a tight-neck chamber with zero freebore and slow-twist 30″ barrels to obtain these velocities. Accuracy is excellent with either of these bullets. If you want air time and red mist on large varmints then this is the caliber for you.”

Richard Frankling 300 WSM Varminter

Above is Richard’s personal “300 Varminter” in its distinctive South American Bloodwood stock. That is the true color of the wood–not a stain. Note the deeply recessed crown. Richard says this helps keep noise and blast away from the shooter. Richard’s “Big Red” features a BAT Machine 1.600″ diameter ‘B’ action, Bat 20 MOA rail, Burris Signature Zee rings, Jewel 1.5 oz. trigger, and a Bartlein 1.250″ X 30″, 1:15″ twist barrel. Total weight is 24 lbs. which includes about 4 lbs of lead added to the buttstock. Richard tells us “The Bartleins have been outstanding, with consistent quality and accuracy I can count on.” Richard uses a Nightforce NSX 8-32 X scope with MLR reticle.

300 WSM Richards Custom Varminter

How good can one of Richard’s 300 WSM Varminters shoot? Below is a 100-yard target. The fouling shot went a little low, but then the next six (6) shots went into 0.162″. That is amazing for factory varmint bullets. CLICK HERE to view a video of what the 300 Varminter will do (warning–very LOUD and GRAPHIC–turn down your audio before playback).

Richard Frankline 300 WSM target

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