September 30th, 2007

Viper Drop-Port — Let Gravity Do the Work

Many of you may not have seen how Jerry Stiller’s innovative Drop-Port functions with a 6BR or 6PPC case. Well we can tell you, Stiller Precision has one slick little system. Just retract the bolt and your case exits, nose-first, through a small port, coming to rest right under the gun. It works by gravity alone so you don’t need a conventional ejector, with the case alignment issues an ejector can create. (An ejector pushes on one side of the rim–some folks think this can push the case out of “perfect” alignment.) The drop-port is available both in the aluminum Viper and the Stainless Diamondback action. Case size is limited to PPC, 6BR, and 6BR Improved case length. Our Belgian friend David Bergen was kind enough to create a video showing his Viper Drop-Port in action. NOTE: This large, 7-megabyte file is best for users with high-speed connections. Left-Click the image to stream video. Right-Click and “save as” to download the file.

Download Video | Drop-Port Blueprint

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