October 14th, 2007

600-yard Records Broken at Piedmont

Late-breaking news: The stars aligned on Saturday at the Piedmont Range in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. With many of the best shooters in the 600-yard game on the firing line, multiple IBS 600-yard records were set. We still don’t have all the details, but we’re told that at least four IBS records were set, maybe more.

Mark Schronce (below), shooting a 6mm BRX with Berger 105gr VLDs, set a new Light Gun 5-shot group record of 0.749″. We believe this is the smallest group ever shot, in any class, with any gun, in registered 600-yard competition. Great job Mark.

Mark Schronce 600 yard record

Mark noted: “this is a great group of guys to shoot with, and most can ‘Clean your Clock’ in any given match. I have shot a lot of small four-shot clusters with one out this year. I finely got one to come together.” Larry Isenhour (who finished 4th for both LG and HG Score on Saturday) reports: “I was shooting beside Mark all day and when he shot that group it wasn’t the best of times to shoot. He shot fast and and we looked at each other and gave a ‘thumbs-up’ and neither of us knew what the target looked like.”

Terry Brady was on fire in Heavy Gun Class, ending up with a 1.5708″ Heavy Gun 20-shot group Aggregate. That is second only to Terry’s own 1.505″ Agg shot earlier this July, also at Piedmont. Both Aggs by Brady have been submitted to the IBS for certification. One way or the other, he’s going to have that record.

Sam Hall had an impressive 1.8053″ Agg. in Heavy Gun class and broke a couple of 2006 records in the process. Larry Isenhour reports: “Samuel Hall ended up being the Piedmont ‘Shooter of the Year’. He had almost twice as many points as Buster Long who finished second. Sam has had a great year of shooting and is very much in the mix for IBS Shooter of the Year. [Sam] has broken several records this year.”

Tommy Willliams and his crew at Piedmont Gun Club did a great job running the match. To indicate the quality of competition at this match, the top five Heavy Gun Aggs were all under 2.6 inches:

1) Terry Brady 1.570
2) Samuel Hall 1.805
3) Rodney Wagner 2.058
4) Jim Morgan 2.533
5) Paul Wagner (R) JR 2.585

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