April 27th, 2008

John Lewis Shoots 0.386" Group at 600 Yards with Home-built Gun

Terry Brady reports that on Saturday at the Oak Ridge (TN) IBS registered Benchrest match, John Lewis shot a spectacular 0.386″ 5-shot group in Heavy Gun Class. When certified, this substantially lowers the existing record (currently held by Brady.) A 0.386″ group at 600 yards is the equivalent of 0.0614 MOA. John shot the group with a wood and metal-stocked gun he built himself. It is chambered in .308 Win. John was shooting a Lapua 155gr bullet. Amazingly this record was set with a “second-hand” 14-twist barrel John acquired many years ago for just $50.00.

600-yard benchrest record

Mark Schronce reports that the group was shot in blustery and rainy conditions. That makes the record group all the more remarkable. Congratulations to John. That just proves that the old-fashioned .308 Win round is capable of some amazing accuracy.

600-yard benchrest record

The other big winner at the Oak Ridge match was Sam Hall. He shot a sub-2″ Aggregate in Light Gun and captured both the Light Gun and Heavy Gun overall wins. It was a dominant performance by Sam, and there was other great shooting. According to Terry Brady, there were three sub-inch groups shot at the match, lead by Lewis’ 0.386″ in Heavy Gun.

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