October 1st, 2007

2007 NBRSA 100/200 Nationals Results

NBRSA 100/200 NationalsAmerica’s top short-range benchrest shooters competed September 17-22 at the 2007 NBRSA 100/200 Nationals, held at the Kelbly’s Range in Ohio.

Some familiar names came out on top. Mike Ratigan, on the heels of his dominant performance at the World Benchrest Championships, won the 4-Gun Aggregate, with Allan Tucker and Larry Costa tieing for 2nd place. Living legend Tony Boyer won the 3-Gun title. (Tony already ranks first in Hall of Fame points by a large margin). Tony’s wife Faye, the “nicest lady in Benchrest” according to Shelly Davidson, won the HV 200 Agg plus the HV Grand Aggregate. Jim Carmichael captured top 2-Gun honors, while Larry Costa won the Grand Agg in Unlimited Class. Charles Huckeba won LV Grand Agg. Don Nielson, who attended the event, said the match was tightly fought and all the winners can be very proud of their performances in such tough competition.

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