December 2nd, 2007

Nickel Jag Kit and Calipers On Sale

Handy 12-piece Jag Set
If you shoot multiple calibers, you’ll love MidwayUSA’s matched jag set in fitted flip-top box, item #812503. It’s now on sale for just $14.99, marked down from $22.99. The kit includes 17, 22, 243/6mm, 25, 270/7mm, 30/32, 8mm/338, 35/9mm, 375, 40/416, 44, and 45 Caliber Jags, in a sturdy box with fitted holes for each jag.

We’ve long been fans of the Tipton jag kit, and now it’s even better–with nickel-plated brass jags. This editor owns two Tipton jag kits, one for the range kit and one for the loading room. The set works for everything from my 17HM2 up to my 45/70. I use the jags for both rifle and pistol calibers. Another nice feature is that you can easily switch from a tight-fitting jag to the next smaller size (I normally apply wet patches in my 6BR using the Tipton 22-caliber jags).

Coating the spire-tip jags with nickel was smart idea. Nickel-coated jags do not react to bore solvents so you won’t get a false reading when cleaning the copper out of your barrel. “Two Thumbs Up” for this kit. Here is what jag kit owners have to say:

“Works as advertised, great idea that should have been thought of years ago. If you like this shape of jag (I do), you’ll love these. Sweets doesn’t tear these up at all, and it’s easier to tell when I’ve got things clean with Butch’s as well.” — Keith S., CA

“Great product, costs considerably less than to buy each piece separately and come with a storage box with holes marked for each jag.” — Greg D., MA

“In 45 years of gun cleaning I have never used a better jag. Precision craftsmanship, unaffected by copper solvents, large patch holding area for lots of patch contact with the bore.” — Brian S., MN

Bargain-Priced Digital Calipers
Midway’s Frankford Arsenal Digital Calipers, item #604242, are on sale again for $19.99, marked down from $32.99. This is a decent, functional set of calipers. Even if you already have calipers, at this price, you can afford to buy a spare for your range kit. This unit switches from English to Metric and comes in a protective plastic case, with battery. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

All stated sale prices are good through December 31, 2007 at MidwayUSA.

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