February 21st, 2008

Brownell's Launches New Gunsmiths.com Web Site

Brownells® has launched Gunsmiths.com, a new, free website designed to promote the trade and provide a central resource for gunsmithing info. The site contains “how-to” articles and helpful videos that illustrate many basic gun-smithing tasks. Gunsmiths can boost their business by registering with the site’s gunsmith locator. The site also offers a free employment section. There, you can post your resume, or list a new job offering. The site also has information on schools and vocational training.

Gunsmiths.com features an ever-expanding library of gunsmithing articles and videos featuring the Brownells’ staff of gun techs. The most recent Tech Tips appear at the bottom of the home page while a Gunsmith Glossary provides helpful definitions of technical terms. There’s also info on industry trends and a calendar of events.

For folks with broken guns, gunsmiths.com features a sophisticated gunsmith locator. Visitors can search the site for gunsmiths in their area or specialists all across the country. The locator features a five-star rating system that allows users to rate a shop based on their experiences.

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