April 17th, 2008

Davis Sets New 600-Yard IBS Record

This past weekend, Mike Davis set a new 600-yard, IBS score record of 50-2X (0.941″), shooting a 6 BRX that he built himself. Mike nailed the record at the Piedmont Gun Club using Danzac-coated Berger 105gr VLD bullets pushed by 33.5 grains of Varget and CCI 450s. His rifle had a 26″, 1:8.4″-twist Brux barrel, chambered for a no-turn 6 BRX, and a BAT RB/LP/RE action. Congrats to Mike on some great shooting. If you want to see how it was done, here’s a video of Mike shooting 5 rounds at “match pace” with his 6 BRX.

CLICK HERE to WATCH VIDEO (5 Shots in 18 Seconds)

Mike Davis 6BRX

Mike Davis 6 BRX

A previous IBS score record was set by Larry Isenhour, also at Piedmont. In August 2007, Isenhour shot a beautiful 50-3X target but it was just slightly larger in group size — 0.944″ as certified. Because group size, not X-count, is the tie-breaker among equal “perfect” 50 scores, Mike Davis just grabbed the record by a few thousandths of an inch.

Mike offers this report: “Saturday, April 12, 2008, was Piedmont Gun Club’s second match of the year. Conditions looked grim. There was lightning in the distance and we were surrounded by black clouds. When the first shot went down range the wind was blowing pretty good. As the day progressed the wind worsened, and was switching terribly. I could tell by the end of the Heavy Gun class that the faster I could get all shots down range the better. I really concentrated on my aiming point, and trying to remain smooth and fast for Light Gun. The first target I shot in Light Gun class was the record target, 50-2X with a .941″ group. The two “X” shots were right on top of each other (see target). I had also cleaned the gun prior to this group. The second target had four shots under 1″ and the fifth shot went straight right approximately 3.5″, making this group a 4″ — I knew I had gotten caught in one of the switching wind conditions. I repeated the same steps for the remaining two targets, and it paid off. I won the Light Gun class for group with a 3″ Aggregate in wind that toppled over the wind flags and blew away our Easy-Up tent.”

Mike Davis 6 BRX

Gun Specifications
6BRX no turn neck .112″ free bore
BAT Model B RB/LP/RE 7.5″ round action, Jewell trigger
HV BRUX barrel 1 in 8.4″ twist at 26″ in length
Stock work and bedding by Mike Isenhour (cedar/curly maple/carbon fiber with weight system)
Leupold 45x Competition w/a 3x Gene Davis optical booster mounted with BAT rings
Farley front rest and a Protektor rear bag

Mike Davis 6 BRX

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