April 7th, 2008

Williamsport: Brakes OK on Heavies, and Light Gun Limit Raised to 17 Pounds.

Matt Dienes, Williamsport Public Relations officer, has announced important changes to the Club’s Rules for 2008 and beyond:

“The Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Bench Rest Club is pleased to anounce that that following rules are effective immediately:

1) The light gun weight limit has been raised from 16.5 lbs. to 17 lbs. (making it consistent with IBS and NBRSA rules). For Williamsport, this weight limit is now the only restriction (no stock width, barrel diameter, or attachment rules anymore.) However, the existing Light Gun front/rear rest rules still apply, and the gun has to be a single shot only (no semi-automatics).

2) You can now shoot any rifle in the Heavy Gun class, including rifles with Muzzle Brakes. So now you can shoot your Light Gun with the break on.”

We like these changes. This will make it easier to compete with a Light Gun in both classes, which should encourage more shooters and help keep costs down. A good Light Gun CAN be competitive in Heavy Gun class. Not too long ago our own Jason Baney won the HG class at the Williamsport World Open shooting his 16.5-lb 6BR.

Matt Dienes added: “Remember the 600-yard matches follow the 1000-yard Light Gun matches on Saturday. So nobody has an excuse not to shoot at our top notch range — everyone is welcome.”

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