August 29th, 2008

40th Anniversary Rifle Raffle for Williamsport Club

The Original Pennsylvania 1000-Yard Benchrest Club (Williamsport) marks 40 years of 1000-yard shooting this year. Williamsport, the birthplace of long range benchrest shooting, held its first match in 1968. Many key aspects of long range benchrest, as we know it today, can be traced back to the Williamsport range and its founders.

PA 1000-yard BR Williamsport

To celebrate Williamsport’s 40th year, and to raise funds, a Commemorative Rifle has been built by the members of the Williamsport Bench rest club.

PA 1000-yard BR WilliamsportThe rifle is chambered in 6mm Dasher. Components include: BAT action, Jewell trigger, Bartlein barrel, Baer stock, and a Nightforce BR scope. Many club members contributed time to fabricate the rifle, which would retail for $4000+. The rifle sports Bruce Baer’s innovative “Sidewinder” off-set stock. Mark King chambered the rifle. Springman Rifles pillar-bedded the stock, and Gary Hendrix applied the clearcoat. Engraved rifle components carry the Club’s logo and denote this as the 40th Anniversary Rifle — a true one of a kind.

The 40th Anniversary Commemorative Rifle will be raffled off to raise funds for much-needed range improvements. Raffle receipts will be used to repair the pit wall, which, after 40 years, has deteriorated. Fund raised will allow the pit wall to be straightened, reinforced, and elevated, with a new roof installed over part of the pit area. The raffle is limited to 1000 tickets, priced at $20.00 each. Raffle tickets can be purchased by mailing a check or money order (payable to “Original PA 1000-Yd BR Club”) to:

Original Pennsylvania 1000-Yard Benchrest Club
P.O. Box 1413
Williamsport, PA 17703

Please include a note with your payment stating that it is for 40th Anniversary Rifle Raffle. Your raffle tickets will be returned by mail. Tickets cost $20.00 each. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Club’s annual banquet on October 18, 2008. The winner will be contacted via phone, email or USPS mail, and his name will be posted on the Club’s website,

PA 1000-yard BR Williamsport

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