August 2nd, 2008

McRee's Advanced Modular Metal Stocks

McRee’s Precision, based in Post Falls, Idaho, has developed a modular metal stock system that has proven itself versatile, rugged, and capable of outstanding accuracy. There are three basic components in the system: center section (which holds the action), forearm, and buttstock. These three sections bolt together using hex-head fasteners torqued to 50 inch/pounds. A wide variety of configurations are available. Hunters and tactical shooters can choose a folding buttstock with narrow fore-end. Varminters may prefer a bag-riding assembly in the rear with raised or foam-covered cheek-piece. There is also a 3″-wide benchrest forearm. McRee-stocked guns have shown competitive accuracy in long-range matches.

The McRee Modular Stocks work well with calibers from 20 all the way to the big magnums and they have proven very popular with tactical and LEO shooters. Tactical stocks can be fitted with rails for mounting night-vision optics or other specialized gear. McRee currently produces stocks for the following actions: Rem 700 (long and short), Lawton 7000/7500 (long and short), Lawton 8000, Surgeon Short and XL, Savage Short action AccuTrigger, RPA Quadlite, 338 Xtreme (Xtreme Machine). While cost varies with the particular features, a basic McRee 3-part modular stock is priced competitively with name-brand fiberglass stocks.

For more info, visit, call (509) 226-5057, or write McRee’s MultiServices, 9528 N. McGuire Road, Post Falls, ID 83854.

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