November 2nd, 2008

New 7mm Cartridge Guide Just Released

7mm reloadingAmong the most popular features on are our signature Cartridge Guides. These combine all the key “data points” you need to load and campaign a particular chambering (such as .308 Win), or a set of similar caliber cartridges (such as the “Twenties”). Each Cartridge Guide features a cartridge diagram, load recipes, plus expert reloading tips and analyses of bullets, brass and other recommended components. How well-received are these guides? Well, our .308 Win Guide has been viewed over 360,000 times. Google “.308 Win” and you’ll find our .308 Guide right near the top.

We have just released a very comprehensive new Cartridge Guide for the 7mm “Accuracy Calibers”, namely 7mm-08, .284 Winchester, 7mm WSM, and 7mm Rem SAUM. The 7mm Guide contains a bullet ballistics analysis by NRA Palma Champ (and rocket scientist) Bryan Litz, plus contributions from F-Class National Champ Charles Ballard, and UK long-range record-holder Vince Bottomley. Our article compares the performance of the two short mags — WSM vs SAUM — and the results may surprise you. We also spotlight the impressive .284 Shehane, a “moderately” improved version of the .284 Winchester. With its additional 3.35 grains of powder capacity, the .284 Shehane can drive 180gr Bergers at 2950 fps. Jim Hardy has been shooting this cartridge with great success. And lately he has been testing his .284 Shehane with Alliant Reloder 17. The velocity results with Reloder 17 are quite remarkable — and it looks like the ES/SD does tighten up significantly at the top end.

Intrigued? CLICK HERE to read our new 7mm Cartridge Guide

7mm .284 bullets

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