May 16th, 2009

TECH TIP: How to Select the Right Bushing for your Neck Die

One of the most commonly-asked questions on our Shooters Forum is “what diameter bushing should I use with my neck-sizing die?” While we recommend that users obtain at least two bushings, you still have to know where to start. For hunting ammo and gas guns, we still recommend choosing a bushing that is 2 or 3 thousandths smaller than the neck diameter of a loaded round. However, in a bolt-action benchrest gun, you may well get superior accuracy with less neck tension. Larry Isenhour recently set a spectacular 50-5X 600-yard IBS record using very light tension — Larry employed a .268″ bushing for a .2695″ loaded round. At the NRA Annual meeting we discussed neck bushings during our visit to the Redding Reloading booth. It turns out that Redding has changed its recommendations for benchrest neck sizing, and now recommends that you chose a bushing that yields less tension. In the video below Patrick Ryan of Redding explains how to measure your cartridge brass and select the proper bushing diameter. Patrick also reviews some new Redding products for 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

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